My Children

My Children


Each of you I had

I looked into your eyes

My love spilled over

And over again as

You entered into my world

Cherish can not describe

How I felt about the first

To the last as I held

You for the first time

Ten little fingers

Ten little toes

In amazement I watched

Each of you grow

I giggled as you cooed

I cried when you fell

My heart dropped

When you entered school

You changed my life forever

Thank-you for being my children

Written by,

Terry Shepherd











fly 3


Sunday Morning

Sunday morning;  I was awakened by the sound of a clash. I sat up in bed wondering what in the world that was. The more I listened I realized it was a train changing tracks. There is a set of train tracks near  my home. Since I have been here I have seen a red engine car pulling behind it only one other section. The tracks were being repaired so maybe there will be a bigger train now. I heard the whistle blow and I thought instantly back to my brother Al and how he was scared to death of trains.

When we were kids and our parents were stopped at a passing train, Al would literally scream from fear when the whistles blew. When I took care of him so many years later, instead of screams I noticed he was trying to count how many cars were passing by. He certainly did change in the fear area.

I put the coffee pot on and took a shower. I answered some emails and played my addicting game, Candy Crush Saga. Now I am eating my very favorite breakfast in the world. Bacon, eggs, toast with pumpkin butter and coffee along with milk. Yummy. I am listening to Dr. Charles Stanley and printing off some forms I will need tomorrow when I go to Bowling Green.

I have to go to Wal-Mart so I am making my little list. At my age, if I don’t make a list, I don’t get all I need. Do you have to do that too? It doesn’t matter what I am going to the store for, I need my list. I tried to deny my forgetfulness, but then got too upset with myself for going home and forgetting the main thing I went to the store for.

It has been raining here for a few days. Today is over cast and 68 outside with  no sprinkles yet. One of the trees out front is turning red from fall. It is so pretty. Right by my front windows is a big pine tree. I was happy to see that as now I know I will see green this winter. Alright then, I have chatted with you, now I must finish my breakfast before it turns cold. What do you have to share with me this morning?