So Glad This Day is Almost Gone

Yesterday I had a good day. Spent it with my daughter. We went to Bowling Green to run errands. We looked around, got a bite of lunch and came home. I ended up eating supper with her family and even spent the night as the weather was producing Tornado weather.

This morning I came home and today has been anything but similar to yesterday. My health insurance isn’t valid in this area. I am struggling to find another compatible one. I spent over four hours on the phone this morning calling this company and that one, but no luck.

One of my medications I could not pick up as it was too expensive without the proper insurance. I called my home-town doctor from Indiana and told them of my despair. I don’t know if there is anything that he can do because he didn’t call back today.

I decided to check on auto insurance here in my new local area to see if I could get a better deal. The first one I called was 75% higher than I already pay. I called one more and she did the usual questions and said she would call me back, but didn’t by closing time. She did tell me my rate I pay is pretty good, so I don’t know if anyone can beat my premiums, but it was at least worth trying. After all I had spent so much time on the phone, what was twenty more minutes.

I don’t know how it happens but all this stress today has made me feel weak at the knees, made my Parkinson’s more noticeable and I am just plain tired. I decided to call it quits for getting information today. Tomorrow is a new day. I took a shower and don’t really feel any more lively. I don’t even want to fix my supper.

It is a little chilly and humid here today. It is six pm and 60 outside. I am so thankful this day is almost over. Tomorrow brings new sunshine right?