Can’t Get Those Words Out of my Mind

I went out with my family tonight to supper. I had fish for my meat selection and big, breaded mushrooms. Talk about going off the diet wagon. They then stopped here at my house for a short visit and then headed to their own home. I love spending time with them.

I think about my other kids and grandchildren back home and my heart pings a little as I realize how much I miss them. I am hoping to hitch a ride with my son-in-law when he heads back up north; then I will get to see everyone.

Today the clouds were put away and the big, warm sunshine came out. It felt wonderful to me. It is not supposed to rain for a few days now, so hope to really enjoy it. I think the temperature rose to 78 today.

Have you ever been doing nothing and suddenly some words pop into your head and you just can’t seem to rid them? I started doing that about fifteen minutes ago and now I bet I have repeated the words ten times in  my head. Is there some reason for this, or am I just getting crazy in my older years.

What was it that came alive in my thoughts? It was this.

Why in the world would a gal my age be pumping out the words to an old nursery rhyme? I do know that I feel a few hunger pangs in my stomach; but then again, I have never had porridge, so I don’t even know if I would like it.

I actually am considering having a bowl of cereal here in a few minutes. I  purchased Peanut Butter Cheerios tonight and it sounds pretty good right now. Either that or I will have a cut-up apple with some peanut butter on it. Do you like that? Or tell me what you like to snack on before bedtime.


Pease Porridge Hot

Pease-porridge hot,
Pease-porridge cold,
Pease-porridge in the pot,
Nine days old;
Some like it hot,
Some like it cold,
Some like it in the pot,
Nine days old.



Baby Boomers

Today on the morning news I was listening to a section where the topic was Baby  Boomers. Some of it was interesting. Other parts were on stuff we can not change since yesterday is gone.

I guess I fall into that category of the Boomers according to my birth year. I did listen closer when they started talking about our parents. Remember those earlier days when we were having our own babies? We swore that we were going to do things different from our parents. We laughed as we told friends about how our parents did things.

On the show and even in my own life I understood what the newscaster was talking about when he said we do turn into our parents. I can see many things that I do and certain ways I act and think that are so similar to my dad.

I always loved my dad and admired him as I was growing up. He was well-liked in our community. He had plenty to say and added laughter in almost every conversation. I didn’t like the way he didn’t show his feelings towards us kids and that is one thing I believe I did different with my own kids. I do tell my kids I love them.

In fact, if they were asked, they would probably say that maybe I say I love you, too often to them. I am not afraid to share with my kids whether it be good or bad news. I always knew my dad loved me, but a hug once in a while or those golden three words would have been nice also.

I even look like my dad too. When I discovered I had to walk the rest of my life without my dad after his death, I really hung onto the good things about him. So, for today, I smile when I think of him and I try to forget the things I didn’t care for that he did. After all, who of us are perfect, and which one of us were given an instruction booklet on how to raise our children.

After listening to the segment of Baby Boomers, I am proud to say today, that my dad was a pretty good guy and I am glad I act like him in so many ways, and that I look like him too.

What about you? Do you want to share how you feel about either or both of your parents now that you are grown? Proud, ashamed, wish for this or that? Please feel free to comment to me on this topic, Baby Boomers.

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Elderly couple