Do You Want to Help Me?

I am pretty well settled in my home now and that takes care of the big stuff. I have my health insurance which will start Jan. 1. I also have a part-time job which I start this Tuesday.

Except for learning my way around this quaint little town, and meeting new people, I am ready to begin thinking about writing a new book. I have been asked to write a pamphlet book on more detailed information about what MSA is really like. This book, if I choose it, would be pretty blunt, and may cause weakness in the stomach at times.

Others have asked me to compile a small book of my collection of poetry I write. I like either of these, but I want to try something that is more into the type of book that when you pick it up to read, you smile, or laugh, or don’t want to put it down.

Now that statement being written opens a whole new can of worms. Plenty of ideas to pop out all over the table. The problem is, I am not popping out anywhere, so I am coming to you.

Most of you have known me for a few years now and you probably know me better than I know myself at times, so  how about it? Can you give me your thoughts and opinions on a topic I should write about?


13 thoughts on “Do You Want to Help Me?

  1. Wow Terry, you are so very capable and I would say…follow your heart on this one. What do you think you could best convey from your inner core, being. What do you want to share with the world. Maybe a mixture of truth but also lightheartedness and humor, and inspiration too..what you have learned. You are in a new chapter of life, new, new new. It’s wide open.. I wish you the best on this endeavor… Exciting!


    • Thanks Mother Hen. What inspires me the most are people. Those who are considered the underdogs. I can write about other things but I love this topic, but aren’t you getting tired of reading about the same topic?


  2. I would suggest you write what you feel comfortable with. If you want to write poetry, then put some funny ones in as well, interspersed all the way through. It is up to you, what ever you feel like writing, even if you have two going at a time, writing with comfort on each one.


  3. I think you should compile your poetry in a book. On the other side I would love to read another compassionate story fiction like Dahlia, that was so so good. I twas easy to read it was funny, sad, happy, lots of emotions in it and compassion. I really love one like that again!


    • I am leaning towards the poetry. I just need to write more to at least make a small book, lol, and then again, I love stories where the person in trouble comes out on top!!! hugs, decisions, decisions!!!

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