Ready, Set, Done

Our ten-minute free-write is back! Have no mercy on your keyboard as you give us your most unfiltered self (feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).

Golly gee whiz, what do I write about for ten minutes, and yet have no idea of the topic? I don’t really know. What am I thinking about? The holidays coming up. I saw tonight on Facebook that my one grandson has a cold and is teething. Boy, do I remember those days.

My one daughter-in-law is having some medical issues and now may have a job change; which I know she isn’t crazy about.

Do you remember years ago when we didn’t have email, or Facebook? If you wanted to know something, you used the land line phone or you sat down and wrote a letter. This reminds me of part of the conversation I shared with my patient today.

We were talking about how many acres he farmed at one time. What kind of animals he raised. Through talking to him, I understood quite clear that he didn’t do anything that women did.

He was the farmer, the bread-winner, and the father. Raising the kids was the woman’s job unless there were discussions at the supper table. Back then when the father spoke at the table, everyone listened.

He didn’t know how to cook. He had no idea how to run a washing machine or dryer. He didn’t do dishes or clean a bathroom. He was strictly the man. How things have changed today.

Now partners and spouses expect each other to kick in and help. Usually both are working. There are at least 1.5 kids to raise. Both are tired so sharing the load is pretty common.

I don’t know of too many men who don’t know how to cook, at the least, they know how to use a microwave, and from what I see on the Food Network,  and being down here with my son-in-law, I have learned there are some pretty talented male chefs out there, that I wouldn’t mind having come to my home and cook for me.

Men even do laundry today. There is one commercial on TV where the dad is being held captive by the little daughter near the washing machine. Her favorite outfit is dirty and the child wants to make sure it is cleaned and dry as soon as possible. So there is an example of a dad doing laundry. Better yet, it is a prime example of some role models being changed today; where the father stays home and cleans and runs the house and the wife works.

How do you feel personally about the male staying home while the female goes out to work? How do you feel about the female making more money than the male?

Well, my ten minutes is up. Thanks for stopping by and reading.

The Farmer in the Dale

Well today was quite interesting for about four hours. I had a patient to take care of. Since I had asked to work in Russellville, I was dumb enough to think close to home, but I was wrong.

It ended up not being so far away, less than 15 miles. The issue was I had an office person lead the way in her car and I just couldn’t keep up. I lost her a couple of times. I was much slower than even my daughter thinks I am as I went through many curves and up and down hills. Small roads and more curves. I was in an area I didn’t even know existed.

When we arrived she made a comment about me not keeping up. My quick defense was that I had never been out this far. I wasn’t used to any of the roads and I took slower pace because of the hills and curves.

She laughed and stated she had grown up here all her life. She thought I was silly but I was still trying to pull my imaginary fingers off of the steering wheel, I was so afraid. The gentleman had once been a huge farmer. His house was gorgeous, big and full of all types of goodies to look at.

The entire time I was there he wanted me to leave. He was alert but still needed watching over. I didn’t take it personal. I could only imagine how he felt after being a father and husband of this lovely farm for over sixty years.

I cleaned his bathroom, swept the house, shook rugs, fixed supper, tried to talk to him and charted. I was told that he could ambulate by himself, but the first two times I watched him walk, he stumbled this way and that, just like I do.

From then on, I held his elbow when he walked. It wasn’t long before he took my hand and let me guide him where he was walking. He told me thank-you for being so kind.

I came home and decided to cook myself a real meal for a change. The house was chilly and my feet were letting me know it by burning more. I changed clothes and got into my warm PJ’s and soft house coat. I took my socks off to put my slippers on and my feet were pure white from being so cold.

I hurried and turned my heater on to get the chill out of here and then turned the stove on to start supper. I fried up a pork steak. I boiled a potato, and sliced up a big, fat tomato and cut up a green pepper. I had a cookie for dessert. The kitchen warmed quickly. The window steamed and it did smell so good in here.

I saw at the client’s house that he had two sticky pads laying down in areas of the kitchen. Stuck to them were what I have here, black crickets. The next time I go out to the store I am grabbing those. I hate the thoughts of me sleeping and crickets are hopping on me. Yuck, gives me goose bumps as I even ponder on that idea.

I have no work so far for about a week, so while I still home  this morning my daughter informed me of a perfect job right here in town. I took the time to apply for it. Keep your fingers crossed and the prayers coming that what ever I am supposed to be doing, I am guided in that direction.