Local Color


Local Color

Imagine we lived in a world that’s all of a sudden devoid of color, but where you’re given the option to have just one object keep its original hue. Which object (and which color) would that be?


I bet you didn’t know that I was color blind did you? I am not bad, just can’t tell my blues and greens apart. Put me in a file of paint color sticks and you have screwed me up good for the day!

Our world is what we make it. If we are down on our luck or mad at the world, all we can vision is black and gray. If we look at the glass of water half-full, we see color. If we see the glass completely filled, we see rainbows of colors.

What if we  had no color. What if something was wrong with our eyes that we saw dull or gray matter all the time. Do you know how we see color?


How the Eye Sees Color


Color originates in light. Sunlight, as we perceive it, is colorless. In reality, a rainbow is testimony to the fact that all the colors of the spectrum are present in white light. As illustrated in the diagram below, light goes from the source (the sun) to the object (the apple), and finally to the detector (the eye and brain).


For me, if I have a choice I will choose BLUE for my color. Why? Because it represents HOPE.

According to Green Lantern, these colors represent these things:

HOPE is something none of us should ever lose sight of. No matter if you are down on your luck, living a life your friends don’t agree with, or feel like you are on top of the world; we should always carry hope for a better world to live in. Hope for peace to once reign again. Hope to find love. Hope to cure illness. Hope, can’t live without it or the color BLUE.



black and gray

8 thoughts on “Local Color

  1. Terrific post, Terry. You’ve put a great deal of time and thought in to this interesting and thought provoking blog. And, you’re right. I had no idea you were color blind. I love blue, all shades of blue. I also love all shades of purple, mauve and pink. I hope to have one all white garden this coming year. I’ve started cutting out the soil where I plan for it to be. Our world would indeed be so different without color.


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