A Look Into Where I Live

Today I had to go pay my first water bill, so I grabbed my camera, because I have been asked to take some photos of around here. It was pretty nice outside. Temperature is 82 but humidity is up. Quite a bit of breeze so a perfect day for my camera and me.

The first four photos are of the square down town where I pay my water bill. The big building is where I got my driver’s license. The fifth photo is a small wreck I saw on my outing. The next two are photos of what I saw as I was getting ready to come inside the house. The last two photos are; A) my living room, B) spare bedroom.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these.

parkpark 2park 3park 4park 5park 6park 7park 8park 9park 10


19 thoughts on “A Look Into Where I Live

      • I am filtering an experience I had over the weekend. It kind of jarred me but as soon as I realized I was listening to the voice of the enemy I began to recover..And since that time it seems that all I have come across are on that same subject.. God will do that when we need to hear something.. more than once…lol! Thank you for asking Terry..


      • Isn’t it awful how smart the enemy is? He is so smart that I slip into his web without even realizing it until later. I try hard to be a good person, but it is a battle when the devil is so smart

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