I Didn’t Want You to Go

I Didn’t Want You To Go


I didn’t want you to go

Didn’t you really know?

All the prayers I said at nights

While you were fighting the fight

I didn’t want you to go

Didn’t my sadness show?

The thought of you not here

Placed my body in total fear

How can I possibly go on

Turn a smile from a frown

How will you hear me say

You say you will always stay?

You promise to stay near?

You say I have no need to fear?

I will cling to your every word

When I see the flying of birds

I will look up to the skies

And quickly wipe the tears from my eyes

I hear you whisper to me

You say it is time to flee

I will love you forever bud

My love I will send above

Hold that spot you promised you would

I promise I will come, I will be good

For there is one thing I  know

The time apart, it will go so slow

But when God says my time is here

We will soar through the skies so near.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


flying angels