I Didn’t Want You to Go

I Didn’t Want You To Go


I didn’t want you to go

Didn’t you really know?

All the prayers I said at nights

While you were fighting the fight

I didn’t want you to go

Didn’t my sadness show?

The thought of you not here

Placed my body in total fear

How can I possibly go on

Turn a smile from a frown

How will you hear me say

You say you will always stay?

You promise to stay near?

You say I have no need to fear?

I will cling to your every word

When I see the flying of birds

I will look up to the skies

And quickly wipe the tears from my eyes

I hear you whisper to me

You say it is time to flee

I will love you forever bud

My love I will send above

Hold that spot you promised you would

I promise I will come, I will be good

For there is one thing I  know

The time apart, it will go so slow

But when God says my time is here

We will soar through the skies so near.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


flying angels


Wow, Can My Son-In-Law Cook

Wow, oh wow, is food better when we don’t cook it or what? My son-in-law had invited me over yesterday, Sunday, for dinner as he knew I loved to eat there when he smoked food on the grill.

I couldn’t go because I had to work so I went tonight instead. He had some left-overs of the smoked meat which tasted so good. He made bacon-cheeseburgers, with grilled potato salad. There was macaroni salad and I had taken over a pumpkin dessert.

I ate way too much, but every bite was delicious. I swear some men are the best chefs and my son-in-law definitely would have a busy restaurant if he owned one, because honestly? He is the best cook for any man I ever met.

I had never had grilled potato salad, but I know that at one time or another, I will request that specialty again. I just got home and I have made a final decision for myself. After last night of being slapped a few times and having to be on my feet walking up and down the driveway, I have decided to give this job up.

I have enough experience that I believe I can find something else more suitable for my needs. I am a little nervous because it means no job again, but I pray the span of time will be short.

I am just not steady enough on my own two feet to be helping some frail patient try to stand her own balance, plus I hate to admit it, but I really don’t get off on being slapped. I am going to try to get a job at the local hospital or a private-care job like I used to do. So say prayers a door opens for me please.






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A Look Into Where I Live

Today I had to go pay my first water bill, so I grabbed my camera, because I have been asked to take some photos of around here. It was pretty nice outside. Temperature is 82 but humidity is up. Quite a bit of breeze so a perfect day for my camera and me.

The first four photos are of the square down town where I pay my water bill. The big building is where I got my driver’s license. The fifth photo is a small wreck I saw on my outing. The next two are photos of what I saw as I was getting ready to come inside the house. The last two photos are; A) my living room, B) spare bedroom.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these.

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