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the dr. says

The Dr. Saysi am going to share the laws that i looked up on the internet a few days ago..  with the news of the young woman who has moved to oregon in order to qualify for the death with dignity law my curiosity was peaked.  off and on for the past few months i have begun to wonder just how difficult it would be for me to qualify without actually up-rooting everything.

one of the biggest arguments against death with dignity laws seems to be that people who are depressed or chronically ill and just want to end the suffering will be able to use this law.  in reality the law is very strict and there are only a couple of doctors who may handle all the paperwork involved.  there are forms that the drs. must file along with gathering information from a persons primary care doctor.  in addition the person…

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Lost on a Friday Night

Hello my friends. It feels like I haven’t been online forever; but actually only a day and a half. I didn’t end up quitting that job I had. I was able to talk to the office and  I no longer work day hours at this particular job and chase  the client outside.

Last night I worked 12 hours for a client; 8p to 8a. I had taken a nice three-hour nap and thought I was set to go. When I arrived I learned that even though I had talked to the office about certain ways the daughter wanted me to do things  during the shift, the daughter wasn’t for it.

Since I had the office on my side, I boldly and stepping out in faith told the daughter if I  had to follow her rules, I would definitely fall asleep. Well, she seemed understanding and instead let me stay in the den where the TV was. She brought out a video camera where I could monitor the sleeping patient every moment.

It turned out to be a good night. The daughter stayed all night also. From what I learned she does this on Saturday nights. I am not quite sure why I am there then, but if it is all working with her then it works for me. I knew she wasn’t staying for my benefit, as she said she has done this every Saturday night for a long time.

I did struggle to stay awake, for the fact I sleep at nights usually, but I did it. At 8am this morning I left their home and walked out to a frozen, frosted car. My first taste this winter of the cold that has arrived.

I had to start the car and sit there waiting for the defroster to do its thing and then I headed for home. It felt good to be home, let me tell you. I was so overly tired that I felt sick to my stomach. I couldn’t go to bed though because of being a diabetic, I had to keep to my normal routine.

I took my medications and forced myself to eat some breakfast. Once that was over I hopped into bed. I slept like an old log for about four hours. From there on, I would sit up in bed and watch TV but after about ten minutes, my eyes were so heavy I laid back down and slept another hour.

This continued like this for three more hours. So even though it was broken up sleep I got a total of seven hours. I suppose if I worked thirds on a regular basis, I would have slept much better.

After I woke up for the final time I took a nice, hot shower. I made myself some fresh coffee and  plopped down here to talk with you. My stomach feels funny. My muscles hurt. I don’t know why they hurt. I wasn’t allowed to do any kind of physical work. I just feel funny all over. I imagine it is the different sleeping pattern and my Diabetes is letting me know.

Friday I had a shift about 12 miles away. Another mile and I would have been in TN. My GPS did a terrible  job of guiding me there. I got an eerie feeling in my gut as I was being guided into territories of such small and winding roads, I wasn’t sure if my car would stay on the road without touching gravel.

A big farm truck was heading my way. I got a strange feeling I was super lost. It looked like I was winding my way into a private drive-way, and here comes this property owner headed towards me. Where was I to go? There was really no place to pull off and let him go past me and besides, I was headed right towards a small bridge and I didn’t want to go over the edge and off the edge.

Let me tell you, there are so many winding roads that are so small, if I was a teenager again, I would have no trouble finding a comfy little place for necking. LOL.  Anyways, back to the truck. I froze. My fingers and toes just froze. I stayed in place watching the truck not slowing down.

It got up to me and it pulled off to the side of the road on his side. He jumped out of the truck and came over to my window. I felt like I was in a Jason, Halloween movie, except this was a young man with a friendly face.

I rolled down my window and told him where I was headed. He smiled and said just follow your GPS, you are headed in the right direction. Later I think he was smiling more than from being friendly. I think he was probably giggling a little on the inside; as the trip to the client’s house should have been thirty minutes and by the time I arrived I had been on the road for 55 minutes. I made it with one minute to spare. It was a good thing I left a little early from home.

After that ordeal I decided I am still going to go with my latter plan and place a private caregiver ad in the Bowling Green newspaper tomorrow for the area that I live in. At least I will be going to the same patient’s home time after time, and I can hopefully remain in the area I choose. Moving to a brand new area and finding your way outside your circle for a job is not cool. If I want to get lost on my way around, I want it to be worth it for personal activity enjoyment times, for example an antique store.

winding road