Light the Night

As you know if you follow my blog, I worked last evening. A 12-hour shift becomes much longer when it is over-night hours. I went outside about 5am this morning to take a break.

It was a clear night, with a slight visible frost on my car windows; but the heavens were clear. The stars twinkled and the full moon was bright. I went back in and grabbed my friendly camera and two quick photos. It was a nice plus to a long night.

moon 8moon 9


Now that the elections are over, hoping that people will take down the signs in the yard that help to block views; making it safer to drive. I pray that people feel an inner peace for the decisions they have voted on.


Politics is so private and yet it is made so public. Campaigns run into the ground until I feel like I am sinking and can’t take one more step. I believe in campaigns, but where does it stop being a circus, and become a gathering of true grit?

How difficult it must be to decipher the truth against the lie. Attacks upon one another cause me to ponder on what actually goes on behind the curtains. What do we teach young people? Those who turn of age to vote, do they go in and mark the ballot with a clear mind? Is there a confidence, a quick step, that the check mark about to be placed is performed with absolutely no doubt?

I think it is sad that our elections have turned into more than firm and cemented words. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if there was a ceiling cast upon all politicians when it comes to advertising? Each one is given a line they must not cross. Rules are set in and if they are broken, candidates are kicked out like a hugs score in a football game.

If they are caught in a lie, they get one warning, if caught twice, they must dismiss their name from the ballots. As I stated earlier, elections are private of the mind; a personal choice. We need to always go into the voting booth and with a mind as clear as a starry night, choose the person who will work with us and for us and by the people.

No wonder everything is messed up, no wonder so many are mad or upset at how things seem to go down the road. It is like a child’s game where two are playing and one has been taught to go after what ever the want  and at whatever the cost incurs. I say let’s clear the fog, and pray for clarity, and turn our ears away from everything but the truth.

Fog Machine in action