I Know You Have the Answers

May I ask you some questions? I am stressed today and I just feel the mood to get into some good conversations. So here are the questions I have wondered about.

1. Why do bats sleep hanging upside down?

2. Why is it about Christmas that brings out the smiles in most people? B. What would it take to get those smiles all year-long?

3. Why is it that babies have been born for centuries, and yet year after year, doctor’s make up new ways to raise them from birth to year one?

4. Why is it when we start thinking of something too much, we make it happen? Example, we start thinking about our car, and how good it has been and how lucky we are to not have major problems, and then boom, it needs mechanical repairs.

5. Why is it when one thing goes wrong in our day, things go wrong the entire day?

6. Why is it that snakes and spiders scare the crap out of us?

Alrighty then, questions are asked; now let’s see your answers.


police car

baby Easton and Chloe

Elderly couple


20 thoughts on “I Know You Have the Answers

  1. Ok, my random order.. Maybe bats sleep that way because is good for their batbrain circulation. Snakes and spiders will catch you by surprise and thus freak us out because we are not expecting to see them. Raising babies, hmm that’s a good one. Parenting is like on the job training. As time changes it is getting more complicated and there are so many gadgets to help be a better parent. I liked the rocking chair and music and the simple toys for babies and kids they had a long time ago. On top of it so many more cesareans.. As in planning the due date. I don’t like that unless there is a serious health issue. I guess I got off track..Christmas, the joy of it, the true meaning of it, the joy of wanting to share or give, to make happy. Some do go overboard with this time of the year, but I think it is truly special to hear about families that get together and spend quality time together. A time when many get the focus off their own needs and think about others. Celebrating the birth of Christ… I love the story about Virgina and her letter to Santa. as for smiles all year long, if we could all be more compassionate, caring and patient individuals and then gratitude will keep our hearts happy too. When the day starts off rough it often spirals downhill because our attitude has been affected so we cave into that frame of mind. There are so many lessons for us while on planet earth. So one minute we are on top of the world and next on that rollercoaster going downhill. It’s how we choose to handle the things that come our way. Either with faith or unbelief.. That’s my two cents of ramble..


  2. 1) they like the rush
    2) while Christmas is joyous for many, the holiday season has the highest incidence of suicide.
    3) Docs must eat too.
    4) obsession over something seems to result in mechanical repairs.
    5) We sour , esp on bad hair days.
    6) It’s natures plan fortunately for the critters.
    I hope I have been of help and you don’t want to choke the life out of me. Big Hug.


    • I think your best answer is number 3, docs must eat also. I remember my children were eating baby cereal mixed in a baby bottle which we made the nipples a little larger. Now a days docs don’t want babies eating anything for a year, and there are bottles made just for cereal. Times have certainly changed. I loved all your answers. Thanks for sharing with me my friend

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  3. I don’t know about many of these but bats are a big interest of mine. They roost upside down so they can spread their wings ready for flight and then let go. Also, roosting that way lets them have a clear view of things around them and also to hear if any danger or predator is near. Christmas: unless one is a cynic and chooses to be a grump, Christmas makes us smile because it is a celebration of light in the midst of a dark season and the birth of our Savior, Jesus. We can keep the smiles all year if we live knowing the joy of the birth in our hearts and as Charles Dickens had Scrooge to say, after his transformation: I will honor and keep Christmas in my heart all the year. That isn’t exact but close. As to the child thing, it seems many times, things are trend driven. Like the “family bed” or co-sleeping thing of a baby sleeping with their parents until several years old. It has been determined this is one way to easily crush or suffocate a baby. So instead of being trendy, it is best to have common sense and take proper care and ask advice of folk who have healthy, happy children. That’s the best I can do on these as the answers would be wayyy too long. Interesting questions though. Oh, and it is our attitude and actions that determines the rest of the day, not the instance of one thing starting off wrong.


    • I thoroughly enjoyed your answers. The answer about bats makes perfect sense. You make a good point about Christmas and the spirit in the dark of winter. You are also right, we should carry that spirit all year long. I believe there is some money thing connected with the way doctors are telling new mommies how to raise children. When I see the baby department now, instead of one or two choices of baby bottles, there are several and they are not cheap at all. I guess I should feel blessed that my kids survived real diapers, glass bottles that were sterilized and rocking my babies to sleep. Thanks so very much for sharing your views


  4. Good questions, I don’t know the answers but on no 5 I would say it is attitude, when one thing goes wrong we don’t just accept it but think the worst, instead we should say ok, never mind now I start again.
    with the babies, I have wonderland too, even in the 3 years difference with my 2 boys things changed, and both grew up well fed and loved.
    Here is my question: Why do asteroids always fall into craters?????
    Something to ponder hehe


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