No Time to Waste

Fill in the blank: “Life is too short to _____.” Now, write a post telling us how you’ve come to that conclusion.

Life is too short to worry. It is one of my best lines because it is my weakest area. I worry about the tomorrows I know nothing of. I worry about mistakes I made in the past; which for the most part, I can not go back and undo.

I worry about hurting family and friend’s feelings. I am extremely worried about this year at Christmas. I have always managed to pull off gifts for my kids and have a good feeling about the whole holiday.

This year is different. Not only am I not up where most of my family resides, where I can be the one who  provides the home and food, I am fighting having a job that takes care of the bills. On top of that, I have this huge dental bill right before Christmas.

I never want to hurt my kids in any way, but I wish gift-giving was out this year and concentration of spending quality time together and pigging out on all the food  that will add to the table would be the high-light.

I worry about all the families in the world whose children have bought into, by innocence, that the day of Christmas is all about getting gifts. Those families that have to carry the guilt within themselves about not having the extra money this year and how in the world are they going to explain to their kids that Santa may carry less gifts or none at all makes me so sad.

I know that when I was a kid we didn’t get tons of gifts. I know that I did get the gift that I asked for. Added in to that were pajamas and maybe slippers or a house robe. We could expect to go to Grandma’s house and open a gift of a game or maybe a Bible or a locket.

My best memories were not the gift, but the day of all being together. Laughing, eating, playing tag inside and out. Being so tired that my eyes were shut by the time we left their drive-way; those are my awesome memories.

Today, Christmas represents not only Christ, but almost equal to it in size, stress. Most are so relieved when the day has ended, and twice as upset when the credit card bills start coming in.

I hate it when I worry, but no matter what I do, I am not able to stop it. Praying does help but I find myself still worrying. There is a difference between having compassion and empathy for other families or understanding the hurt my kids may feel from not having that big Christmas like years before.

Worrying about it just doesn’t help. Christmas will come and Christmas will leave for another 365 days. It is up to me, on how I look at it and handle it this year; but I worry, I already know this. Now that I look at what I wrote, the words worry and coward are synonyms. It is hard to have one without the other.

What makes us afraid enough to worry? Any ideas you want to share with me?

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13 thoughts on “No Time to Waste

  1. try and just get a little something for the young ones…the older ones should understand your predicament this year…and honesty is the best policy…
    we all decided that the adults in our little group draw names…one $25.00 gift exchanged from each of us…and then we do get for the young ones…which is 3 kids…
    others are given token gifts I have picked up throughout the year…My thrift store and bargain hunting pays off here!…I will not be seeing a credit card bill that I made…no matter what!… Sometimes if one starts setting a few rules…others will follow and be so glad! Best to you Terry!


    • Thanks Marilyn, I like your idea. I have 10 grandchildren and three kids. I hope it all works out for me. The rules need to change. My health is worse, I can’t work as much any longer, and therefore money is an issue and most likely will be unless a miracle happens

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  2. You do worry too much. As you say Christmas is coming if you worry or not, so don’t. I was brought up with little Xmas presents too, it is not about spending . Even now I am trying to give hand made gifts or little sweet things I find during ht year, I get and keep for Christmas. Being together is the best gift!


    • I didn’t used to be a big worrier. I worried but not extreme. Now with no partner in my life and Al gone I feel a huge responsibility on my shoulders, like I have to carry everything alone. My brain is so used to going out and finding those nice, wanted gifts, that when I think of sweet little things, I am brain dead.


      • Terry you are not….. and remember even with Al around you had to make even bigger decisions…. give yourself some credit and believe in yourself. You are a strong woman and a believer. You CAN do it, I believe in you! Big don’t let go hug! ♥


      • Then explain what is happening to me? I don’t understand this new, or temporary me. I am usually a go getter and now I can’t seem to find my place


  3. Worry is just another word for fear. This new degree of worry is most likely a part of your grieving process, and there’s nothing like Christmas to bring out the worry monster in all of us. There are no easy answers. Just be aware of using words in your thinking like “always, all the time, never, no one, everyone” and so on. 100% words that weigh us down, when the truth is really not that scary.

    Praying for you, Terry, always.


    • I have read your comment over and over and I never recognized fear associated with worry, but I do now. I have always liked knowing what direction I was headed. I liked knowing I was making something happen in my life, but the fact remains, that still after nine months of not having Al here, I am still lost. Thanks for the comment. I am saving it in my head

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