Thanksgiving is More than Just Food

It is almost upon us. The day we look forward to all year-long. A day spent with family and friends. Eating those specially prepared foods our mouths haven’t lingered on for 365 days.

Not everyone will be able to take part of this feast, and for this, it is very sad. I want you to do two things for me  since you are taking the time to read this. One, I want you to tell me how you spend your Thanksgiving Day and what you like most and what you don’t like most about it.

Two, please pray for the people less fortunate. They are everywhere. Your neighbors, friends, the lonely, the ones who have lost family and friends. Pray that we each get through this holiday. Pray that no one is forgotten. Pray for comfort and health, just pray.





My Kids and Grandchildren

I had been having a very rough week, so when my daughter and her family invited me over, I jumped on it. It was fantastic. A real dose of medication for my soul. My daughter and her husband are very good cooks.

My daughter made all soft foods which I very much appreciated since I have that bad tooth. She made  home-made chicken pot pie. Along with that she also made home-made dinner rolls and cupcakes with blue frosting.

I was in heaven. I don’t eat very well and I realize it. I think it is hard to find fun and interesting food ideas when dining for one. It is much easier to grab a sandwich, or fry up a couple of eggs. One day this week I had grilled cheese for breakfast.

Eating at their house along with the good company really hit right where I needed it. After supper was over we watched some Christmas movies and then they put up their Christmas tree. I helped decorate by hanging some ornaments until I dropped one. Luckily my daughter knew to give me only ones that wouldn’t break, so no damage done, but I didn’t want to risk breakage, so I sat and watched the rest being completed.

It was pure joy to spend time with family that I love so much. It sort of made me wish I had a tree to put up here at home, but they are pretty expensive, so I will pass up this year, maybe next year.

After the decorating was done, and my belly was on over-load, my son-in-law made his famous Olive bread. I am so in love with it. Crunchy on the crust, warm and melting cheese. I swear if I wasn’t a diabetic I could have definitely eaten more than one piece, even with a full gut.

Looking around their home just plain old warms the soul up. It is comfy and inviting. Makes you never want to leave and of course a big part of me didn’t want to come home to an empty and quiet house.

I spent the night and woke up to a hot, steaming cup of coffee. What a way to start the day, coffee with a good daughter. I am home now and I am keeping in my front of my mind that she gave me good news. I get to go home for Thanksgiving. I will be spending my Thanksgiving with my two sons and their families this coming Saturday and Sunday. I can’t wait. There is nothing better in my life, than my kids and grandchildren. Life suddenly is looking up. For today, Sunday, I am putting my Parkinson’s disease on hold and the fact I need a job. There is always tomorrow to think about that. I am just going to treasure the memories I just, nov 14