My Kids and Grandchildren

I had been having a very rough week, so when my daughter and her family invited me over, I jumped on it. It was fantastic. A real dose of medication for my soul. My daughter and her husband are very good cooks.

My daughter made all soft foods which I very much appreciated since I have that bad tooth. She made  home-made chicken pot pie. Along with that she also made home-made dinner rolls and cupcakes with blue frosting.

I was in heaven. I don’t eat very well and I realize it. I think it is hard to find fun and interesting food ideas when dining for one. It is much easier to grab a sandwich, or fry up a couple of eggs. One day this week I had grilled cheese for breakfast.

Eating at their house along with the good company really hit right where I needed it. After supper was over we watched some Christmas movies and then they put up their Christmas tree. I helped decorate by hanging some ornaments until I dropped one. Luckily my daughter knew to give me only ones that wouldn’t break, so no damage done, but I didn’t want to risk breakage, so I sat and watched the rest being completed.

It was pure joy to spend time with family that I love so much. It sort of made me wish I had a tree to put up here at home, but they are pretty expensive, so I will pass up this year, maybe next year.

After the decorating was done, and my belly was on over-load, my son-in-law made his famous Olive bread. I am so in love with it. Crunchy on the crust, warm and melting cheese. I swear if I wasn’t a diabetic I could have definitely eaten more than one piece, even with a full gut.

Looking around their home just plain old warms the soul up. It is comfy and inviting. Makes you never want to leave and of course a big part of me didn’t want to come home to an empty and quiet house.

I spent the night and woke up to a hot, steaming cup of coffee. What a way to start the day, coffee with a good daughter. I am home now and I am keeping in my front of my mind that she gave me good news. I get to go home for Thanksgiving. I will be spending my Thanksgiving with my two sons and their families this coming Saturday and Sunday. I can’t wait. There is nothing better in my life, than my kids and grandchildren. Life suddenly is looking up. For today, Sunday, I am putting my Parkinson’s disease on hold and the fact I need a job. There is always tomorrow to think about that. I am just going to treasure the memories I just, nov 14

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