I Refuse to Belive It, I Just Can’t, BILL COSBY

My heart sinks. Now wait a minute. Before you raise your voice to me or point your finger, shaking it in front of my face, let me clarify my feelings.

Bill Cosby, a household name for years. He was a part of our family. He was the first black family that my parents watched on television every week and he helped more black and African Americans to walk through doors of opportunities. His words brought laughter to our home. It felt good to sit as a family and all be laughing together.

I brought up my kids watching this. One of the biggest values I ever had for Bill is his comedy in our lives. He took my stress and worries a way. He made me realize that my life wasn’t so bad. He humored us with his jokes.

His TV show represented American families everywhere. Wholesome shows, where Mom and Dad were involved with not just making sure food and housing was provided for the kids.

These TV parents got involved with their families. Both of them shared in the joy and cried in the sadness their kids were going through. Grandparents and children all sitting together, singing, showing a holding of hands and praying together around the table, giving thanks for what they had. Wouldn’t that be nice to have this once again in our own families instead of everyone eating at different times and places?

I don’t remember one time where Cliff, Bill Cosby, ever boasted about how rich he was or brag on his wife in her attorney position. It seemed to show through their actions, that what was theirs was shared with family.

I refuse to believe the scandal, especially in a time of Bill’s life where age is not on his side. Is it better for him to come forward and try to tune down the negativity? Would he get further by not saying anything, unwilling to acknowledge the hateful and harmful words?

I don’t know the answer to this. He was enjoyed by millions for years on television. Why after all these years has something so devastating come about now? Don’t you think that some where in the cracks this dark, deep secret would have floated to the top during the highlight of his career?

I guess when it comes down to it, I try to look at the whole ball. He was good for us. I know without a doubt our world today has changed since the eighties. People aren’t looking for the good in people near as much as they used to. People are looking for fast bucks, news media, their face on the front page.

I refuse to believe this news scandal, I just can’t. Maybe I will believe if Bill Cosby comes forward and says something; but then again, would I believe it? Isn’t it possible that he could say something to shut the door hard on this topic and go back to enjoying the latter part of his life? I guess the answer will always lay between Bill and his God.


16 thoughts on “I Refuse to Belive It, I Just Can’t, BILL COSBY

  1. I do understand what you are saying and, based on my emotions, I feel the same way.

    However, after pastoring for 30 years and counseling with many different people I have come to learn my father’s saying is so true…. “You can’t really know someone until you eat a peck of salt with them”…

    My updated version of my Dad’s saying is “You can’t really know someone until you have spent many years with them on a personal level.”

    I don’t know if Mr Cosby is guilty or not, but I do know he was playing a character on TV when he made his show, it in no way has to reflect his true person and morality,.. just like, sadly, many people act in public very differently than what they do behind closed doors.

    Lord bless.


    • You have a very valid point. I like to believe that he played a character so well because he lived a similar life. I will keep hoping he is innocent. Too many are caught in unacceptable behavior in today’s world. People we look highly up to. It is very sad and yet scarey for our families with children


  2. One of the things I have come to realise over recent months is that some people will do anything for money and fame, even if it means trying to destroy someone else’s reputation. I also found that one of favourite artists was found guilty of sexual assault on several women


    • It is a sad state of mind we live in today when someone doesn’t think about hurting another all for the love of money or fame. We have had to face the fact that people are not always who we thought they were. I think this sex thing and all that goes within the word is too blown up. It is more in the media today, so it seems much worse. I am not saying that rape or molestation is right, but when the sick people realize they can make a buck, than it is over rated. I hope I said that right, that you understand what I am trying to say

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      • We have a station called Nick at nite here that I watch all the time. The news just said this station took all of Bill Cosby shows off. It is not because they believe he is guilty. I think it is more to protect their money for fear of people who judge first may cause a rucus


      • Some people will have sex with a celebrity, or will snog a celebrity and then they will say they were raped or sexually assaulted. They keep the things as “evidence” which means the celeb has no leg to stand on.


      • That is so true. Women will sleep with any man even hoping for a child for a free ride for the next 18 years at least, or men will sleep with famous people for the money even if only short lived


    • I hope it isn’t either Julie, I would lose trust in a lot of people if he is found to be guilty. Who do we have left to believe in on earth if we can’t believe in Bill Cosby


  3. I truly hope it isn’t so. But while I want to believe he is innocent, I have a hard time understanding why it seems to horrify so many people that an icon like Cosby could do such a thing while at the same time their favorite sports heroes, movie stars, politicians, pop singers, etc. seem not to experience any outrage over their often outrageous behaviors. Why do we hold some to far higher standards than we do others? I remember reading some time ago that Cosby did father a child that he supported all the way through college. Seems to me, if I remember correctly, that the mother of the child did pretty well financially from Cosby. Is this just another woman looking for a handout? Or did the Cos really rape her? She claims she’s been trying to get attention for years, and it took a comedian to bring this issue to public notice. Why didn’t she have him investigated by the police? Did she report the rape to the authorities? If not, why not? Too many unanswered questions here. And by the way, I despise the act of rape. I have no sympathy for a rapist, and I do not accept the old canard that if a woman is raped, it’s because she was asking for it. That’s just stupid. I’m wondering how the press will deal with this one. If Cosby were an outspoken conservative, I’m pretty sure I know how they would handle it.


    • I think the point here for all is how quick we, some, are so gullible to believe what the media says. I guess as far as Bill Cosby says in my eyes, is he has a good track record for many years. If he did father a child and pay for helping to rear him/her, I say hurray! So many dead beat parents today do nothing. Humans we are, and being sexual is definitely part of being human. I am hoping that since he has always had a role as a good man and a God fearing man, he is innocent. If he did do it, I have lost more hope and faith in the world, as I already see it crumbling all around me with ideals of self-centered, money hungry, people walking around today. The system breaks down for those who truly need it. Those who don’t, get the help it seems. Elderly and disabled get targeted because they have no defense. I could go on and on. I guess my final point is, I want to believe there is still good in people, and I am counting on Bill Cosby being one of them. Hugs my friend

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  4. Last I had heard on the news is that he had settled out of court. My guess (which doesn’t mean much and has got nuthin’ to back it, of course) is that it might’ve been consensual at the time. I just have to question/wonder/ponder why he hasn’t made a public announcement as to his innocence (if he was innocent of the crime), ya know?


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