Can You Identify This Spider?

I guess since I live more south and it doesn’t get that cold; insects still thrive. I went to the store today and on the way out to the car, I started to reach for the door handle to open and put my sacks in, when I saw this.

I am glad I saw it as it was so near the door handle I may have been bitten. I jumped back and up in the air. I guess this means I am scared of spiders? You bet ya, I sure am.

In fact, I don’t care much for any insects. Even ants are not welcome in my home. After I came to my senses I  hurried and took a photo of him. Here is what scared me.

Anyone know anything about him?






spider green


8 thoughts on “Can You Identify This Spider?

  1. I googled spiders in your area and saw one similar…. Creepy done the less! I don’t like spiders either.
    Nursery-web and fishing spiders are large, hairy spiders in the family Pisauridae. These spiders are typically patterned with black, brown, white, and gray markings. Although difficult to distinguish from wolf spiders, nursery-web and fishing spiders are usually slimmer in build than wolf spiders. Like all spiders, nursery-web and fishing spiders have 8 legs, 2 body parts, and fangs (called “chelicerae”). Nursery-web and fishing spiders have 8 eyes.
    SIZE: Body length up to about 1″.People who live close to wooded habitats may see nursery-web or fishing spiders that wander into their homes from time to time. This can be frightening, especially since the spiders are sometimes very large. Although nursery-web and fishing spiders are big enough to give a painful bite, they are not considered dangerous.


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