Happy Thanksgiving dear friends

I   don’t  know  where  the  time  went  today .  I   planned  on  writing  to  you  earlier. Now it’s  evening  and thoughts  are turning  to  preparations  of tomorrow’s  big turkey  day.

Tomorrow  I  will  be  spending  the  day  with  my  daughter  and my thoughts  will  be  also  with  my family  and  friends  back  in  Indiana. So many  things  change  in our lives as we get older. I say  a silent  prayer and thank  God  for  allowing  me  to  have spent  many  years  with  my parents  and  my brother.

Maybe I   will   take a quick  ride to heaven and sit with my family  at the  big  table. I   will  tell  them  how  much  I  love  them  and  miss  them, then  hurry  back to the  people  who  love  me here  on  earth.

So to each  of  you  no matter  where  you  are  I  wish  you  a  happy  Thanksgiving  Day. God bless you  and  your  family  and  enjoy  what  ever  you  are  doing  tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving dear friends

  1. Terry, what a marvelous idea to be able to visit with the loved ones we can’t see anymore – just for a little while – to tell them how much we miss them and how thankful we were to have them in our lives! I want to go, too – maybe we’ll just have to settle for reminding ourselves to say thank you to the ones who are here now…Happy Thanksgiving!


    • Oh I wish you and I could walk together through those gates and say hello to everyone we miss so much. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Sheila and enjoy every minute with your loved ones


  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Terry! I wish you and your family a day filled with laughter, and the sweet happiness of being together. Have a great, fulfilling, blessed holiday weekend! ♥♥♥


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