Someone Else’s Island

We’ve all been asked what five objects we’d take with us to a desert island. Now it’s your best friend’s (or close relative’s) turn to be stranded: what five objects would you send him/her off with?


When it comes to best friend or close relatives, I am not partial. I would send the same exact five objects.

How scary it must be to find ourselves stranded on an island. For us, we have our own knowledge and actions to deal with. When we speak of someone else being the one stranded, we can feel more helpless as we don’t know for sure what their thoughts are and what actions they may take.

The essentials that I would send with someone; well let’s consider this. The other person is not really going to be stranded, if I am going to be sending them five objects to survive with. This in turn, sounds more like an active plan put into action for maybe a dare or an accomplishment of something that person has never achieved before.

For them I would send in direct order would be;

1. Bible, no matter where you are or what your questions may be, the answers can always be found in the Bible.

2. Water, we may not want to believe this but we can live longer without food when compared to the body going without water.

3. Food, canned, bagged, dried fruits, meats, veggies, canned milk,one cup, plate and silverware, and of course the almighty powerful hand-held can opener

4. Matches, plenty of water-proof matches so you may cook, or build a fire, so you may have light in the dark to read your Bible, when all you hear is unfamiliar sounds speaking

5. A pillow, blanket, two pair of shoes, gloves, jacket, clothing, toothbrush, toothpaste, stationary, pen. All this would go in one bag. Added to the four above mentioned items, i think you will survive quite well until one of your precious family or friends or maybe new-found friends walking through the island discover you.


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