My Dear Brother, Al, A Memory Lives On

There is a page about MSA page, called Tim’s MSA shoe, on Facebook. It has a lot of information  about different things. The story of why it is called the name above. Contact numbers, donation areas, a sharing on places like tweet. It is a very interesting page to read, especially if you want to further your knowledge about the terrible disease my brother, Al had.

There is a section about MSA angels, and tonight I was told that my brother’s name had been added. I am so proud. Anything I can do to help make others aware or help to keep my brother alive in spirit, I am all for.

I just had to share the page link with you. My brother is the first photo listed under the tab MSA angels. You can read a small description of him. Of course many, many of you followed me through my journey of caring for my brother.

Thank-you for taking the time to look at it.

I love you dear brother, and miss you still so much.

Insects in Winter

The mail lady stopped by and when I was finished speaking to her I noticed this bee on the window. I thought about back home and how I would never see a bee in the winter up in Indiana.

I smiled as I realized not all insects rest in the Kentucky winters, and this little one is just waiting to come inside to get in my way!


bee 2