A Charlie Brown Christmas

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Christmas is a time for remembering everything that has come before us. It’s not a kind of memorial day when we remember what we lost, but instead a day to remember the great gifts that have come to us over the many years. The circle of gratitude is widened every year as the holiday expands with new love and new memories.

This is a special Christmas because it is the 50th one for which we have one of the great gifts of television, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. In many ways this defines the tension of Christmas itself, even though very little in popular culture has been willing to decry the commercialism that is the true “War on Christmas”. And in the process it gave us a new definition of holiday cheer, bringing Vince Guaraldi’s cool jazz into the warm holiday like a sprig of winter itself.

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21 Days Til Christmas


21 Days Til Christmas

Silent night

Crazy night

I am pooped

Shopped now drooped

Round and round my eyeballs go

Body moving but oh so slow

Oh how I wish this was over

Can’t even muster my dog Rover

Silent night

Crazy night

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


(Words tuned to Silent Night)


Wronged Objects


If your furniture, appliances, and other inanimate objects at home had feelings and emotions, to which item would you owe the biggest apology?


At this time of year I would owe no apologies to my surroundings inside my house. It is the Christmas season. Our homes are filled with joy, peace and happiness.

A few photos I took inside of my home wishing you all a Merry Christmas.


christmas shot 2christmas shot 3christmas shot 4christmas shot 6christmas shot 5christmas shot 7christmas shot 8