In or Out?

I couldn’t decide whether to stay inside today or get out for a bit. It has been overcast for days. Today it is raining. I looked at my mail and there was a coupon for Arby’s restaurant for a free fry and drink if I ordered a sandwich.

That was enough for me. I got dressed and headed out for lunch and then found a new little shopping center beside Arbys. It was Goodies department store and Tractor Supply along with a restaurant and beauty place. Have you ever been to Goodies? It is nice enough.

Well you know of course I had to take a few camera shots while out, so here they are.

The first photo is some trees standing by a store I was in. You can see the dismal skies. The next one I will call a selfie shot. It is a light shining down on my table at Arbys. So I took the reflection of it on the table in a selfie. The third one is a train that I had to wait on at the tracks.


dark skies 1dark skies 3dark skies 4

6 thoughts on “In or Out?

    • I did have a nice lunch. I had one of those new angus sandwiches. It was a bit salty for me since I don’t use added salt, but aside from that it was good. I found a couple of small Christmas gifts at Goodies. It is a department store that sells under name brands at discount prices


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