Decorated With Love

My son-in-law, daughter and granddaughter came over today. They took me to get a Christmas tree and then stayed to help decorate it. I was happy when I saw it all together. I wasn’t sure how I would really feel, since Christmas just isn’t the same this year, but I am happy. It is beautiful in my eyes, decorated with love. Of course I have to show it off to you!



christmas tree 2

15 thoughts on “Decorated With Love

      • Thanks Terry! This photo was taken in October, during the meditation course that I attended. We had so much fun there, I went with my best friend and our mom’s and we made quite a few friends there too 🙂


      • What a great time of your life. A medication course plus having fun and meeting new friends. Life can’t get any better than that!! hugs


  1. Thinking of you in the wake of Al’s death. Christmas changes after this kind of sorrow and even though Ants hasn’t died, this will be our first Christmas he is not home. Terry, your honest and beautifully painful story of your journey with Al, has given me strength and joy through all of the hidden tears. Love you and wish you a beautiful Christmas because you so deserve it! Love Julie


    • Bless you my dearest friend. Christmas will never be the same for you and me and Jo. We will get through it, with some smiles and laughter along with tears and a sense of loss and lonliness. Love and hugs

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  2. I love your tree and all the blessings of the season which you deserve greatly. This time last year, I was taking my sister shopping, she used a walker and could barely make it from the car to the store, but tried anyway. Than I had to push her in the walker and she drug the cart behind her! We were quite the spectacle! I would give anything to have her here so we could do that again.


    • Oh Nena, you know exactly how I feel. Last year Al, my brother could no longer go Christmas shopping, but I could show him Christmas things and watch movies with him. Oh I miss him so much. I would give anything if you and I could have five more minutes, just to touch their hands once again. My heart aches so bad for my brother. This is the first year without him, the first year without my parents and my brother. Some days I feel so alone and then I click back to now and think of my kids. It would be so easy to slip into a depression until the holidays are over, but I can’t. For one I may not come back to the present, my sadness is so deep and my kids need me. Giant hugs and I so wish I could give you a hug


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