When I am Bored, This Happens

Can you tell I am bored tonight? No? Well I went through my email spam and discovered that I, Terry, a female was invited to purchase Viagra. LOL

Next, I took photos of my bedroom then sprayed snow on my Christmas tree. Yep, this is the silly things I do when the days darken early, there is a chill in the air, and getting tired of the Christmas movies.

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Alphabet Soup


Alphabet Soup

Write down the letters of the ABC. For each one, choose a word that begins with that letter. Now, write a post about anything — using all the words you’ve selected.


A-Apple, B-boy,C-candy,D-dog,E-every,F,for,G-girl,H-has,I-it,J-jack,K-kite,L-laughter,L-like,M-Mary,N-now,O-our,P-pay,Quebec,R-roll,Sara,T-tom,U-under,V-victory,W-wagon,X-x-ray,Y-you,Z-zebra


It was Christmas morning. Sara and Tom woke up at the same time. The kids; a girl, Mary, and a boy, Jack were still sound asleep. The parent’s origin was from Quebec so they tip-toed downstairs. They still used the customs they had grown up with for their own children. Tom let the dog outside and Sara got the apples and iced-rolls out of the refrigerator. Every year they placed an apple and a roll along with the candy under the tree.

When Tom came inside with the dog he went to the closet and got the kite out. Together they put the wrapped kite, wagon, zebra and other toys under the tree. They held hands and prayed to their God to pay their love and respect for him.

Spot, the dog was snooping at the gifts under the tree and wagging his tail as if his eyes had x-ray vision and he could see what was in each of them. They were standing in silence admiring the tree when they heard sounds of giggles and laughter. The kids were now awake.

Victory was theirs. They had saved a little out of each pay check and had been able to provide a nice Christmas for the kids. Still holding hands they began to sing the song, We Wish You a Merry Christmas as they walked up the stairs to greet the loves of their lives.



Christmas Memories

Can you remember when you were a younger mom or dad and Christmas time was nearing? I can, we would take one day and go the big mall about forty minutes away. Of course we would purchase a Christmas gift if we saw a good sale; but the idea of our trip was for the kids.

Oh how their eyes lit up as we neared the center of the mall and took in all the bright lights, with many colors of the Christmas theme. My kids would start clapping and of course they would jump up and down begging to sit on Santa’s lap.

Their laughter would warm my heart and cause the biggest smile to show on my face. Of course they could sit on Santa’s lap. This was the main attraction of going to the mall with small children.

We would wait in the long line and then one by one each child would be lifted into Santa’s arms and sit on his lap and whisper their wishes for Christmas morning. This spirit of Christmas still remains dear to my heart today, so many years later.

In those times we didn’t have to pay for the kids photos to be taken with Santa. I believe when my youngest was old enough to follow his siblings, we did pay something like $2.50 for a photo.

I was at the mall recently as you know from reading my last post, and the cost for a photo with Santa was outrageous to me. The child in me was considering going up and sitting on his lap and telling Santa all I was thankful for, but the adult in me popped in my mind and said, stand steady girlfriend, so I admired the kiddies, smiled upon my own memories and then went about my business of looking for bargains.

I have only two photos of me as a child. Would you like to see how I looked way back then? Alright, I will do it just once. Then one more photo of me as a grown-up at Christmas.


terry when she was little

santa 2christmas color