Merry Christmas, Help Me Spread the Cheer

This is a post for you and one for you to share with your friends.

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas this year of 2014. May it be peaceful and joyous. Maybe all your dreams won’t come true, but the knowledge of realizing this may not be the year for that one gift you highly expected will be kept in mind.

May you have a silent night, sing praises together, enjoy family and friends. May you take a moment and smile in silence as you remember loved ones not present this year.

May you enjoy the laughter of babies, and be respectful of those who hog the conversations. May you understand why Grandpa is sleeping instead of  opening his gifts.

May all the food you taste be delightful. May all tongues be still when words used are hurtful. May you cherish the good and let the bad be set aside.


I have many friends and followers on my WordPress. I have several friends on Facebook. I will share this post with you and all of my friends elsewhere.


I hope to see many comments even though you are busy baking yummy cookies and candies. We need to share with each other, especially after a very trying and stressful year. If you have remained silent while reading my post, please respond now.


May we mentally hold hands together and say a prayer that God remains strong in the coming year of 2015.


I love you all. My respect for you is the highest.


God bless, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


Terry Shepherd