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To Be Resolved

We’re entering the final days of 2014 — how did you do on your New Year’s resolutions these past 11.75 months? Is there any leftover item to be carried over to 2015?

Until this year, I have always looked at New Year’s eve as a sad and down day. The knowledge of what had been happening in my life was familiar; and yet I didn’t want to go into unknown territories.

I used to make resolutions; but hey, let’s face it, many of those aren’t followed after the end of January. Life gets back to normal. Work schedules are once again a five-day a week plus. Kids get bored, school continues on. No more vacations until Spring.

I quit making resolutions years ago. I doubt if I break that record this year either. What I will do instead is be thankful that I have the opportunity to start walking my path in 2015.

I will say thank-you to God for allowing me this day. I will still continue to pray for those who are in unfortunate situations. I will pray that our world wakes up before it is too late. I will give a smile above that my bills are still paid and I can put food on the table.

I guess when it is all over and said, I will once again be thankful and forget the resolution making because I know I won’t stick to it; but realizing how lucky I am is real and I will always keep that upper front in my mind.

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Home Skillet

This is the second post for Home Skillet. The title tells you that this is a solve a problem post. I will state a problem and it is your job to give your opinion. Pretty easy. The first post went over well so I am hoping for at least as good if not better on this one.


Alice had been carrying a heavy load most of her adult life. She argued with her self making a point that she was an adult; and was entitled to live as she saw fit. On the flip side she could always hear her parents state how awful it was if people did this.

Should Alice seek an appointment with a therapist?

Should Alice just get toughened up and realize her parents were old-fashioned?

Now is your time to voice your thoughts on this.

What did Alice do that her parents would never approve of?

Answer is;  She smoked.