Fear is Strong



All my days I worried
Stressed over each little thing
Can’t say I really enjoyed it
Couldn’t even find a tiny bling

The days turned into years
And my health began to fail
My heart became more weak
My body turned so frail

I carried my fear within me
For only I knew the reason why
I tried to change old habits
When I knew I was going to die

Then the day came upon me
And my number I knew was up
I got called to another level
I prayed, oh God please fill my cup

The next thing I remember
Are lights so bright around
I saw an angel playing a flute
And I knelt unto the ground

Peace filled each living space
Angels swarmed round to greet me
All the fears I had of dying
Were wasted when I should have trusted thee

Written by,
Terry Shepherd

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My Hero/ The Daily Post


My Hero

Who’s your hero? Tell us a story about why that person plays such an important role in your life.



What is a hero

Is it described in one word

Is it only one person

Can he fly like a bird


Maybe the hero

In your life is

The one who loves you daily

The one who plants a kiss


Could your hero be a stranger

Whom you have never met

But admired all his actions

And of him you even dreamt


Could the hero be your grandma

Who let you sit upon her lap

When tears were slowly falling

Then she’d lull you into a nap


What about your parents

Who you always claimed too strict

But now that you are grown

They did teach you just a bit


Or was it that school teacher

Who cracked the learning whip

Could she possibly be the reason

You are now taking that business trip


I don’t think there is one hero

I rather believe that there are many

The ones who touched your life

And left memories so plenty.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd