The Soul

gift_summer_6_23_09_MG_0035A soul can wonder

From branch to branch

Never finding a home

It does battle

With all it meets

But its light

Has barely shown

Then one day

It heard a whisper

And it stopped

And began to quiver

Like the leaves who

Stand alone on trees

Waiting for fall to come

This soul then knew

His place belonged

Right where the

Heart sang a

Soft sweet song.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Happy New Year

Another year has come and gone, quicker than before. I have made resolutions over the past and failed them like so many. This year has brought too many changes for me; some good, some bad.

What ever your plans for New Year’s Eve, be safe, have fun, and carry new hope into the next beginning.

I Am Who I Am
I am who I am
A grain of sand
A pebble on the beach
Mixed among those
Beside and within me
From the years of
Meeting and drifting on
Or sticking by my side

I am who I am
I have tried the trends
I have changed the outer
I have lost the weight and gained
I laughed at your jokes
I wept when you cried
I spoke the words
You wanted to hear

I am who I am
A woman with empathy
Filled with compassion
Seeing into your feelings
Love unstoppable
Beauty from within
Hope I cling to
Embedded with faith

I am who I am
I can be no other
I must accept that I am
Who God hath created
That the path which I walk
Will guide me where needed
I will finish what needs to be done
For I am who I am

Written by,
Terry Shepherd