The First Time



Walking hand in hand

Ore hills and through trees

On a trip to lover’s world

But all I see is you and me.


We lean against a tree

And you lift my chin to you

Your lips taste mine so firm

And my body follows  your cue.


Sliding down to the ground

You wrap your hands around my face

Our eyes meet and won’t let go

We are the only ones in the human race.


Your body guides me in the grass

One arm around my back

Your face buried in my neck

My mind has lost all facts.


I feel your gentle fingers

Exploring every curve

A hush falls around us

No mouthing a single word.


The rise and fall of our breathing

As you wake my secret place

I feel like I am in heaven

As you take me with such grace.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd







The days we spent together

On the beaches and the

Romantic nights that brought

Stars to twinkle brighter

Those few days my love

Were what I dreamed of

Why couldn’t we hold on tighter

Never return to the days of dull

Now all I have are memories

As I sit here at my desk

The phone doesn’t ring

Our love faded into night

Please come back

For only a few days once again

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Five Minute Test

WRITEI saw this post on my Facebook page just now. I felt like it was speaking to me since I have felt lost for way too long. I decided to post it here and see if my brain still works. I am going to time myself for five minutes and see what comes out in words.I have no idea of what I will type in this blank, white space. Will it make any sense? Will it prove to me that I have lost something in my writing also? Okay, here goes.


A foolish person I have become at my age still waiting for that second chance at life. Grabbing hold of bubbles filled with sparks of new ideas. Love, is tagged in one beautiful bubble but my fingers can’t quite touch it.

Must I give up hope? After all the years I have lived, the experiences I have acquired, I surely have much to give and share. Wait, hold on. A bubble is floating in my direction. Should I dare? May I reach out and hold it gently in my hands?

Could this be the answer to so many prayers? I walk towards it, closer, it starts to breeze by me as if smiling at me with bursts of colors. Amazingly without thinking another thought, I extend out both of my arms and it gently rest upon me.

Inside there is a beautiful butterfly. Colors of blues and golds. I watch with intense interest at the gentle wings moving within the walls of my own invisible world. I touch it with my finger tips and it calls out to me. Somehow with spectacular grace it slips through its own shell and when I can feel it, it turns into a piece of paper. The bubble burst into mirrored, colored fragments and what is left are the words, this is your life. I have granted you a new opportunity.

Time is up.bubble

True Love

I had some errands to run today. It is nice and sunny and I believe the temperature is 41 degrees. Even living in a small town, the streets are busy with cars pulling into restaurants, getting groceries or washing their cars.

While I was at the grocery store I noticed a man hanging around this gal who was my check-out gal. After completing paying my bill, I said to her, ” This guy must know you or you have a stalker on your hands.”

She and I both laughed and the gentleman stepped up and said. ” I am her stalker. I stalked her until she finally said yes, she would go out with me. Then I stalked her all through our dating until she said yes, to my marriage proposal.”

All three of us laughed and then he said, ” Now we are happily married and I am responsible for that.” I looked in the direction he was pointing and noticed the clerk, his wife, was expecting. He reached over and patted her belly and I could see clearly that these two were crazy about each other.

I congratulated them and went on my way. I smiled as I remembered the days of past when I was in love and expecting my first child. Now that I am almost considered a Senior Citizen, I would love to still feel those butterflies in my stomach once again.

When I arrived home, I took my groceries in the house. After the last bag had been taken out of the car I heard a plane. I grabbed my camera and took a photo. It reminded me not to give up on life or love. The white, visible line is similar to our lives. It just keeps moving on, making new marks in the world.

plane line

Poetry Contest

The cover photo on this page is a photo of an upside down snowman. Describe what you do with snow after it falls to the ground. (Photo prompt inspired by the recent Northeast, USA snow fall- by Marcella Leff, administrator)

You may write a poem in any style or form but it must be inspired by this picture. Post the poem only. You may post as many poems as you want but comments are counted per poem only.

Winner will be judged by the most original comments. One person can make many comments but only counts as one comment for winning at the end of the time limit. Your own comments do not count because you cannot judge your own poem.

Contest will be from January 27 until February 3, 9:30 pm. All members are invited to enter this contest. You can add your friends to join. Challenge them.

Administrators may post examples of poems but are not eligible to win.

A new prompt will be posted every week.


I write for this Facebook group. I decided to write it on here and then transfer the poem to the contest. I hope this is alright with them. I usually try to write the poem right on the site; but not much room for errors and correcting. Here at WordPress, I have so much more space.


Poetry Contest, 1/27/15-2/3/15


Giggles and running noses

Not afraid of the cold

A six year-old romps in the snow.


Free as a bird

No worries at all

Play real hard til mama calls.


Trying hard to stand on my head

Touching his carrot, is it real?

Look in his eyes and his  love I can feel.


Mr. Smowman is my best friend

I want to bring him inside

But mama says he would cry and  run away and hide.


Supper is over

Bath is done

I look outside wishing I could have more fun.


I call him Frosty

I like that name

When I get up we are going to  play more games.


Then one day the temps warmed up

I put my coat and boots on to play

I cried to mama, he’s gone away.


Mama held me and hugged me tight

She said it will be okay.

That as soon as it snows again he will be back to play.


Every day I look out my windows

And feel sad when I see no snow

I pray with all my  heart that he will surely show.


Please God, don’t take my friend away

I miss him really bad

If you can bring him back, I will be so glad.


The night was cold and it was supposed to snow

I scurried in bed and closed my eyes real tight

When I woke in the morning I squealed in delight.


There stood Mr. Frosty

Smiling with his big grin

I raced and stood beside him, my dear old favorite friend.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd




Jefferson Davis Memorial Trip

Since I have not been feeling the best, my daughter gave me the best medicine; time. When she and I are together, I can look past the aches and concentrate on her laughter and beauty. I am truly a blessed lady to have three awesome kids. I am also a lucky lady as my daughter has given me permission to use her photos in my post.

Yesterday she took me to a little town called Elkton here in Kentucky. We ate at a quaint little restaurant that looked like total fifties. Elvis and coca-cola adorned the walls. Al sure would have enjoyed this visit.

After that she drove me to Fairview Kentucky because she knows how much I love history and my camera. Between her and I clicking on the camera button, we had many great photos.

Have you ever visited the Memorial site? Here is some history of it and then I follow with my photos she and I took. Of course the beautiful lady with the gorgeous smile, is my daughter.

Fairview, Kentucky

Jefferson Davis was the first-and-only President of the Confederacy, leader of the rebellious South that broke away in 1861 and sparked the Civil War. He never really wanted the job (You can see it in his statues, which always make him look grim), the South lost, and the North viewed him as a traitor — yet his sleepy birthplace is marked by the second tallest obelisk in the world.

Jeff Davis and angel at the obelisk entrance.
Davis guards the gated entrance to his monument. The Angel of Peace protects his back.

Some people are just luckier after they’re dead than when they were alive.

Approaching the Jefferson Davis Birthplace Monument, driving down a quiet two-lane road through farm country, it’s hard not to be impressed by its hugeness. You can see it for miles; it’s 351 feet high. Until the 1970s it was the tallest thing in all of Kentucky (It’s still by far the tallest thing in Fairview). Pam Terry, who was running the elevator on the day that we visited, said that the Davis Monument was built to mimic the Washington Monument in Washington, DC, because Washington, like Davis, was also a first President.

But is it appropriate? “He wouldn’t have wanted this,” said Ron Sydnor, the Birthplace manager and resident Jeff Davis authority. “He was humble. He would have told them no.” Davis, however, had no say in the matter; he had been dead for decades by the time his boosters opened the Monument on June 7, 1924. The South had turned him from a sad loser into a noble statesman worthy of a gargantuan tribute. His actual birthplace, a long-gone log cabin, stood in a spot currently occupied by Fairview’s post office.


What Happens Next?

The past few days I have felt like crap. Every time I walk, the internal muscles tremor. I hate it and I hate the way it feels. Since the new doctor I started going to in January ended up not being in my network, I had to change doctors and go to my new one February 2nd. The new doctor will have to get an appointment for me at a Neurologist. I hope it isn’t a big wait. I just want this documented. I want to know what to expect.

Add to this the uneasy feelings of always feeling like I am going to  fall down when I walk, I just haven’t felt good. I can’t seem to find a job with my limited abilities to do a job. I need a sit-down job. I have followed every lead I get but the doors continue to shut. I am beginning to wonder if God knows something I do not or am I being stubborn and not accepting the truth.

My daughter was kind enough to spend time with me today after working a seven-day stretch in a row. My nerves calmed down but the walking was no better. I pretty much use a cane everywhere I go now.

It brings me comfort to hear her tell me that I will never be homeless or go hungry. My issue is the same as it always has been. The way I was brought up to believe, that we are to make our own way in this world. Now realizing that one day maybe sooner than later I am going to have to lean on my family.

It is hard for me to comprehend that she does not see me as a burden, which is what I see myself. I am not working, I do not contribute in this world. I help MSA patients and family through talking. That isn’t really enough to make me feel like I am contributing.

My wish for the world is to open doors of employment for disabilities, for illness to take a hike to the nearest bucket, and for me to be able to still be considered useful in this world until I take my last breath.

It felt wonderful to speak to other human beings face to face today. It did, definitely brighten my spirits. Now the rest is up to God. I have no choice. I have to accept what ever happens next and try hard to smile.

aug 6

EASY!… Banana Pudding Dessert

looks to yummy not to share and easy too!

MKG- Memories-Keepsakes-Gifts

I sometimes bake or cookwhen stressed…

Today I made a dessert I read about…

but… I have to make it Simple and still keep it’s deliciousness!…

I read about Banana Poke Cake…

Similar to Banana Pudding…

I decided to use these Banana Twins for my base… NO BAKING!…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA5 – two packs of cakes come in the box…(total of 10 cakes)…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI unwrapped them and placed them in the bottom of a 8″ X 8″ glass baking dish…

flat sides down... (just enough)… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI then poked holes in cakes with handle of a wooden spoon…

Mix Banana Cream Instant Pudding (3.4 oz.) with a whisk or spoon with 2 cups of milk…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpoon mixture over cakes to edges of dish…

(You could slice a couple of bananas on top of cake before this step if you wanted)…

I didn’t… and it tastes wonderful!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpoon a whole container of Whipped Topping over…

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Movie Critic, Good Marriage

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

Stephen King (short story) (screenplay)

Cast (in credits order)

Joan Allen Joan Allen
Darcy Anderson
Anthony LaPaglia Anthony LaPaglia
Bob Anderson
Stephen Lang Stephen Lang
Holt Ramsey
Cara Buono Cara Buono
Betty Pike
Kristen Connolly Kristen Connolly
Petra Anderson
Mike O'Malley Mike O’Malley
Bill Gaines
Theo Stockman Theo Stockman
Donnie Anderson
Will Rogers Will Rogers
Vince Dorne
Pun Bandhu Pun Bandhu
TV Anchor
Terra Mackintosh Terra Mackintosh
News Reporter
Robert Hogan Robert Hogan
Sean Dugan Sean Dugan
Danny Binstock Danny Binstock
Kris Lundberg Kris Lundberg
Stacey Moore
Susan Blommaert Susan Blommaert
Roe Hartrampf Roe Hartrampf
Rafe Terrizzi Rafe Terrizzi
good marriageThis is a Stephen King movie, which I watched last evening.
If you are a fan of his books and movies, this is no different than any others of his.
It didn’t have me on the edge of my seat. Rather I found it interesting of the habits that a the two main characters had. The thoughts of each person so opposite.
I think this is a good movie, but definitely not a tear jerker. It did keep my mind hopping on what devilish thought would come next. I rate this movie as an A.