I am Searching For…..

Well it is a little less than a week since New Year’s Eve. How are you doing? Did you set short and long-term goals for your resolutions? How are you doing at sticking to them?

I didn’t set any myself as far as resolutions go. I did tell myself I am going to look up instead of looking down. If I wake-up and talk to God first thing, my day does seem to go better.

What I would like to do is have a web page outside the box of Facebook. I would like the knowledge that I will speak to families and caregivers. I have made great progress inside the walls of FB; but how many more could I reach if I could get in search engines.

Tonight I am going to be talking to my granddaughter about it. She is a whiz and much smarter than me in this area. My goal is to be able to reach the top five search engines, so when someone is searching Multiple System Atrophy, my page will at the very least pop up in their searches.

At one point I had checked into someone building my page. I guess my big mistake was not letting the person know I don’t work and money is tight. So aside from talking to my granddaughter, I am reaching out to you also.

I want something simple, available, easy to add words and photos. Do you know someone or of a place I could go? I looked at Yahoo who has a free web page builder, but it doesn’t reach anyone except my friend’s circles.

web pageweb page 2

2 thoughts on “I am Searching For…..

  1. I built mine via wix, like most of them it has two levels the basic free one then a few extra features that you have to pay for but it was fairly easy to set up, you can take a look at mine at paulaacton.co.uk it is a work in progress still but that is because until I have books on sale I have no real rush to get it finished


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