Do You Ever Feel Stale?

Hello everyone. I haven’t been on here much this week. Unfortunately the house I rented is not what it is claimed. When it got as cold as it did, even down here in Kentucky, I stayed at my daughter’s house.

I so appreciate my family. They say it is no problem, but another face equals more space taken. I returned home today. I didn’t do too much. I really hate the quiet, even the TV noise can’t make up the difference between laughter and real chatter.

Tonight, I made some Chocolate Chip cookie bars. I just took them out of the oven. It not only smells good in here, the heat from the oven helped warm it up in the house. I doubt if I remain here any longer than I have to. I am on the lookout for a different place.

I just am stale. Have you ever considered yourself stale? I didn’t tonight. All afternoon and early evening I thought about what I could write about, and nothing jumped out at me.

It is a new year and I told God I expect new things to happen. I think I need to ask him to refresh my thinking also. I am going to call a couple of places on Monday about a job. Hopefully, someone out here will appreciate my maturity and experience and want to hire me.

I hate it that I feel so blah. I don’t even blame it on losing my brother any longer. I blame it on my own attitude. The lack of thinking some business will look at me in a position of wanting to hire me is down; and when I feel and think that, it probably shows.

My website that I talked to you about last week dealing with MSA is still doing pretty good. I need more out of it though. I want more than the click of a LIKE button. I want some action. Yes, action is what I need in my life. This crap of Monday feeling like Wednesday and turning into Sunday is getting way too old.

I think a little of it is also the fact I am not with  my family now. It is a wonderful feeling to feel loved and accepted. To eat a meal with those who make you happy and to share a movie with others, well it is just about the best feeling ever. I could scream my lungs out right now and no one would hear me.

I just need a change, a change that will make my eyes come alive again, so once again, tonight, I will pray for good things for my 2015.


22 thoughts on “Do You Ever Feel Stale?

  1. Terry, I have my days when I’d rather hibernate than socialize or be out in public. It is way to easy for me to withdraw because I am naturally a quiet person..but I need to motivate myself. It is usually when I am trying to figure things out and I want to be in God’s presence so I can hopefully hear from him.. It is still a time of transition for yourself, be gentle and it will all come together…ps I signed up for a Zumba class…lol! It will be on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.. I love dance so it should be fun…

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    • My health insurance kicked in Jan 1, and a perk is a free membership for Silver Sneakers at a gym here in town. I think I will check into it and see if there is an older person’s class available. Thank you for the idea. I really don’t like being this way. It is not the real me


      • When I signed up they asked me about Silver Sneakers but have just signed up for Oregon insurance I am not sure what I am entitled to just yet. Good for will boost our endorphins or something like that lol! I hope you find something fun, fun, fun! I will give you and update after Tuesdays class…


  2. Yes that is what you need to do , get out and do something for yourself, like Zumba etc. It makes you feel good and you meet new people too which you can befriend and chat with !


  3. Hi I found you via a circuitous route as I was bee bopp’in around the internet this morning. Good on you to write honestly how you are feeling so much these days are false ups that don’t show the downs to create a balanced view of the world. We all have these and I agree that friends and family are key to pulling us out of our quiet places when we’ve stayed too long. I think stale can be good, it reminds me to take action once it starts to feel uncomfortable longer than I want. Stale is not negative it is a state of being but can be changed into anything at any time. Stale bread can be turned into sweet French toast or croutons that then take a salad from fine to sublime. It’s the air that just needs a window to be opened. Sending a smile and creative energy to brighten your day.


    • I love what you said. Stale is not a negative and can be changed. I think this is where I fit right now. After I lost my brother, I felt so lost and still do a little. Now I am wanting someone to build me a web page as I teach families and caregivers about the different stages of MSA, which is what my brother suffered from. I really appreciate your comment, and I like your blog too

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      • Terry,
        Thank you. I am sorry to learn of your loss and can’t imagine losing a sibling, yet I know loss all too well and know the hole that is left. Somehow, I also feel comfort because I know they are still here just in another form. I wish you well in finding that person to build your website, I’m in the middle of learning how to blog (WP blogging 101). All the best to you!

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  4. I think many of us can relate to this. The important thing to remember is we all need to travel through the desert to get to the mountains. Blessings for a God ispirited year.


      • I think of you often, glad you are beginning a new life for yourself. How is the job? I have been out of the loop lately since I am now working two jobs? Anyway been hoping you have been able to find something better. Holidays were ok, the kids have been a blessing. Have a great weekend!


  5. I did have a job but the 12 hour shift overnight messed up my sugars so looking for new job . Working on obtaining speaking engagements for MSA and starting a new book but need a paycheck


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