I Don’t Know How Much More We Can Take

arabI heard on the news tonight about an Afghan 10 year-old girl being forced to carry a bomb on her. Here is a short story of what I heard.

A 10-year-old girl who apparently attempted to carry out a suicide attack wearing a vest packed with explosives has been detained by Afghan authorities.

The girl, named only as Spozhmai, appeared at a news conference in Lashkar Gah, capital of Helmand province.

She told how her brother, reportedly a Taliban commander, had forced her to wear the vest and ordered her to detonate herself at a police checkpoint.

“I was tired of my stepmother. My brother told me to wear the black vest, go to the police checkpoint and press the button,” she told reporters.

“I went past a river and decided to drop the vest. My brother fled and police arrested me.”

There are conflicting accounts of the incident, with some officials saying she was wearing the vest when she was arrested and others saying no vest had been recovered.

The Afghanistan-based Tolo TV news channel said the girl was unable to operate the button to detonate the explosives.


I don’t know how much more

We can take before our government

And people unite as one

And love once reigns again.


How can we use our children

Dear Lord, are  you waiting

Standing back, waiting for one and all

You surely disagree with this.


I pray that whatever it is you wish

Dear Lord, that it comes to pass

And we are freed from this pain

Our earth is forced to endure.


For I don’t know how much more

I can personally take, when I

Think back and remember when

Our life was once peaceful and full of love.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd


12 thoughts on “I Don’t Know How Much More We Can Take

  1. It’s hard to comprehend all of this craziness.. Although we are told in Matthew about the events that are come to pass… The other day a five year old girl was thrown off a bridge by her father.. Talk about insanity.. I am memorizing the 23 Psalm..for strength and comfort..


  2. yesterday’s news told of another young girl who was blown in half at a market, I don’t think she detonatated it herself, but was most likely done remotely. others around her her killed as well. What kind of evil will allow the death of an innocent to promote an agenda? The work of the great evil one, the deceiver.


  3. We are ‘end times’ people. Don’t know when the end of things here on Earth will be but more and more, we are reminded of how fragile this existence is. Makes me long for Heaven even more! Someday.


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