Who Cares




Who cares?

Do you?

Does she or he?

Who cares?

Do you feel my pain?

Do you know my name?

Who cares?

When time stands still

And others walk on

Who cares?

MSA cares

Yes, they care

We share

Hearts connected

Prayers said together

Who cares?

You do.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


sage 2

10 thoughts on “Who Cares

  1. There are many of us that care, even when we can’t be in the same time and place rest assured there are those of us to whom your gentle soul is counted and sheltered. Lifted up in warmth and prayers of peace and hope to you. May you thrive and continue to hang on even when it seems impossible.

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    • It is one of those nights where I am missing my brother so much. I had to write the poem to prove to myself, I am not alone, and then you come along and stamp it with approval that it is just a moment, and the next day will be better. Thanks dear friend, Isabel!


  2. You are not alone, Terry…”we are ONE in God”…I believe we live in the heart of God and it is there we meet all those who have left us here to finish our journey. I know you believe it too–“hearts connected”—we have to go forward with HOPE and PROMISE…and sometimes, it is very, very hard…May LOVE comfort you in your sorrow and help you through your tears…A friend once told me, “A heart the loves much, suffers much”–you have a beautiful, loving heart and I am sure your brother knew it and knows it still…you are not alone!

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