Dish Premiers New Sling TV For Cord-Cutters

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People categorized as cord-cutters prefer low-cost television channel subscriptions over expensive cable.   Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV are broadcasting services popular among cord-cutters.   The advantages to cord-cutting are limited advertisements and saving money on the reduced prices.  The major disadvantages to cord-cutting are the limited channels, bandwidth, and video streaming issues.  Convergence Consulting Group estimated about 2.65 million U.S. citizens cancelled their cable TV subscriptions between 2008 and 2011 opting for low-cost internet video streaming and other free video platforms.  The cable industry recorded a reduction in subscriptions since 2012 and there is no question television viewership trends are drastically changing.  To capitalize on the changing trend Dish TV will offer another product aimed for cord-cutters called Dish Sling TV.

Dish Sling TV is an internet TV service available to customers nationwide in the first quarter of 2015.   The service initially is only available in the US.  Sling TV offers…

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