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This is your time to shine. To make a comment on the topic below. I had a question asked to me today by a lady who blogs on another site. Her question was this.

If I want to be able to speak and voice my thoughts on any topic in the world what would you suggest it to be?

My answer was, religion. I say this because there have been places I  have been to and people I have been around that I tend to clam-up about my views. Various reasons come into it such as fear of ridicule, being set apart.

It is another thing to write or say things online. My reason for saying this is because strangers read what you write. It is very hard to keep what you do online private; no matter which buttons you click on.

I have heard stories about how politicians read postings on Facebook. I know of one time a police was in a chatroom and busted a minor for sexual content. (This was years ago). Point being we just don’t know who is reading what anymore; so my question is:

Are you willing to state how you feel about religion or politics to anyone anywhere? Would you be willing to be stoned as Jesus was? Or do you pick and choose the topic and where you are?

Please place your comment below.


12 thoughts on “Home Skillet

  1. It is clear that what you post on line will be read by many people and it is public. So if you are not comfortable with this then leave it. But the question is how far do you want to go what you post….. don’t you want to keep some things private. We complain often enough about ” Big brother” and then reveal silly things on line.
    Employers read your facebook, whatever is online is open to everyone and that is a fact. Topics like religion and politics are tricky as people have different views and often don’t accept another one. If people would accept that there is another view except theirs we would have less arguments.


  2. Of course I’m not willing to state my full opinions about politics and religion to anyone, anywhere. That’s a really good way to lose friends, and sometimes your job. It’s pretty normal now for potential employers to check your online activities. If they dislike what you write, tweet etc. you might not ever find out why it was you weren’t hired!


  3. I have two blogs. One is clearly labeled as a Bible study blog, and anyone who sees the title will know what to expect when he goes there. I am not particularly pushing my own agenda on that blog. It is a verse-by-verse walk through the Bible, with commentary and explanation as close to the original intent as I know how to be.

    My second blog is just for the sheer joy of writing. I address all sorts of topics; i write a little fiction, a little personal history, sometimes I’m just silly. I don’t say a lot about my faith, although it does come up and I’m not afraid to address it. I think it’s a very sad day when we actually fearful to talk about our faith. I try never to be annoying or, again, to push my own agenda. And I certainly don’t mind if others write their own views. It’s the beauty of freedom of speech. We just need to use wisdom, tact, and kindness.


  4. Religion never enters my blog posts except as it applies historically. Same with politics, except for Facebook. I’m fairly political there. I veer away from religion because everyone who believes in a god seems to be 100% certain that they are right and those who don’t share their beliefs, faith, or what have you are destined for certain damnation and eternal punishment. So, I’ve found over the years that it’s best to keep my religion to myself. There isn’t much else I won’t comment on, though!

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    • Religion and politics are very touchy topics and the reason is exactly what you stated. Everyone thinks their point is the only right one. The fact is there was one church in the beginning and that broke off and became other branches. Along the way there was a rule added or taken away. In the end though the issue is do we believe in God, do we fearfully respect him. It isn’t about who is right or wrong, and yet because of your point, this is why I don’t touch outside the surface of these two topics either

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