A Question to God


I lie here in my bed

Darkness surrounds

The body but the mind

Is bright, alive and

Questioning my purpose

Here on earth

I ask the almighty God

What is your reason

For keeping me alive

When my body refuses

To move, when I am

Dependent on all others

What could you possibly

Have for a reason for

Keeping me here and alive

I heard an answer and

It was quite clear

You are here because

You are my child

I gifted you with both

A heart and a soul

Pure and innocent

You do not need

To speak nor

Move from here

Your smile is

Your gift to give

And when you have

Completed this task

I will bring you home

And you will walk freely

With me my child.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


purple bloom

11 thoughts on “A Question to God

  1. Remember it is never wrong to return to goodness. It’s easy to give in to negativity. We get shaken up by life and it’s easy to forget our purpose. But if you persist in following your principles and ideals, you will find it again.


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