I’m a Cop

” She shot me, my God she shot me.” The lights were turned low. The heavy, oak door was closed. The only way of seeing life outside was to be able to get out of bed and go to look through the small, rectangle window of the big door. Drapes were shut; as if to close out what had happened last evening. The only sounds I heard was the beating of my own heart, the air going in and out of my nostrils, and the deep voice that was throwing questions at me faster than my mind could handle.

It had begun about six months back. I worked at a small company. Everyone knew everyone, and this included each others business. She walked in. The gorgeous red-head, with hips that made you want to wrap your hands around. Tall, slender legs that made your mouth water. She was to be my new partner, or was that partner in crime.

Yeah, you guessed it. I am a cop. Nothing really wrong with me I guess. People say I have nice, wavy dark hair, and I have been told I have a nice smile. I have been married for five years to the gal I dated in high school.

Sure, we had our share of fights. No knock-out, drag-out fights. For God’s sake, I am a cop. I have my reputation to consider. Sure, there were times she pissed me off so bad, I wanted to pick-up the first thing I saw and throw it at her; but I’m a cop.

Red, that’s what I nicknamed my partner, we were a good team; except for one area. She was a sex bomb. When she curled those red-painted lips in a smile, you just couldn’t wish that one time you could taste them.

Red was good with a gun and her mind was sharp. Sometimes she could figure out pieces to the puzzle before me. Many times we had to work late together working on a crime.

This is when my wife, Pam, started to have green eyes. She and I would talk it out and I would leave for work thinking we had this all worked out and it would be a conversation laid to rest.

Sometimes she would drop in at work with supper. In the back of my mind I think she was trying to catch me cheating on her. Red would be sitting at my desk , nose buried in papers. When Pam walked in Red flashed her that smile and Pam’s eyes glowed green.

I think Red knew that Pam was jealous too. She began to turn a coy eye towards me. I would smile but turn back to what I was doing. When we sat at the same desk, I could feel silky stocking running up and down my leg.

I finally told her, ” Hey, I know what’s on your mind, but I am a happily married man.”

” That’s what they all say Jared, but I haven’t seen a time where I wanted something and didn’t get it. It just takes time.” I would laugh and give her thumb’s up for her high amount of confidence in herself.

One day while I was sleeping in on my day off I heard the doorbell ring. Pam answered it and within a few blinks she came storming into our bedroom and poured an entire vase of water over me. I jumped up out of bed and screamed, ” What in the hell’s wrong with you woman? I haven’t done anything wrong. Can’t you see I was sleeping?”

She then tossed each of the twelve roses all over the bed and stuck the card between my lips. I spit it out and getting my glasses on I read the card. Thanks for last night. Maybe next time we can finish what we started.

What the hell? Who sent these? I looked at the card again and then recognized the writing. It was Red’s. ” Look honey, I don’t know what the hell is going on and I don’t have any idea why someone would send me roses for God’s sake, I swear.”

“It’s that bitch, the one you work with. The one who flaunts herself every time I stop in. You had sex with her. You are cheating on me with her. Why, I ought to kick the hell out of you right here while you are down.”

” Pam, honey, baby, I swear I have no idea, I haven’t been with her. I made it quite clear that I am happily married to you. I will talk to her, but the card isn’t signed, so we have no proof that she is the one who sent it.”

Pam walked out snorting and slamming doors. I got up and took a shower. After getting dressed, I didn’t want to have to talk anymore so I grabbed breakfast down town. I went straight to the office.I went  to my office and checked for messages. Seeing none I went to Red’s office to see if she was in.

There she sat. Immaculate, smelling so sweet. I am a man, I can’t help but notice, but I am a cop and I have my reputation to consider. ” Mm, Red, we have to talk. I just got splashed by a vase full of flowers and water. Why did you do it Red? After all I told you. I said I am happily married.”

” Flowers? someone sent you flowers? Oh how sweet, a man receiving flowers.” You think it was me?” She batted those thick lashes and got up and went over and shut her office door. Turning towards me she stroked each hip as she walked closer to me.

When she was standing so close to me I could feel her body heat, I placed both of my hands on her shoulders and scooted her back a few inches. ” There is no us. There is no flowers. You have to stop. Go after someone who is available. There are plenty of men to choose from in the world.”

Red pushed out her pouty lips and turned back towards her desk. Pretending the conversation had never happened she went back to her work. I stood there dumbfounded, thinking,” this was too easy.” I said, ” thanks for understanding.” She looked up and nodded and I turned and walked out her door.

I went across the street to the florist and bought one white carnation. I had the sales girl tie a pretty pink bow around the vase and I took it home. When I entered the front door I didn’t see her.  I carried the vase out to the kitchen and sat it where Pam would see it when she walked in.

I had stayed up too late the night before watching the fights on TV. I was exhausted so I went to the bedroom and stripped down and climbed back into bed. I feel like I had just drifted off when a burst of thunder hit me right in the chest.

I sat up looking down at myself. Blood trickling down my skin. I had this feeling of numbness because it hurt so bad. I screamed for Pam. She came in and was smiling like the cat who swallowed the canary. ” I told you, you had been cheating and now I’m showing you I won’t tolerate it.” She then left the room slamming the bedroom door.

I reached over to the bedside table and picked up my cell. Calling 911 I laid back down waiting for them to arrive. My mind was a whirl of thoughts. I just couldn’t believe this was all happening.

The ambulance arrived. They took me to the hospital. The bullet had missed any vital organs. After a night of restless sleep the investigators showed up the next morning. ” Jared, thank God you are all right. Tell me what happened. We questioned your wife and she admitted to teaching you a lesson. I want to get your side of the story.”

I told him all the stupid shit that had been happening and he asked me, ” Do you want to press charges against her?”

” No, I’m a cop. I got my reputation to think of.”

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