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Does sex sell? What about at the movies? How does it make  you feel that the top-rated movies have so many sex scenes, nudity and foul language? The media says,” We put out what people want.”

My question to you is; Will you avoid a movie or go, when you hear it is the best movie in a long time. Or do you go anyways against your better judgement because you have heard it is really good?


14 thoughts on “Home Skillet

  1. I avoid any movie that uses too much foul language. I bet that movie producers could put out movies without a single foul word in it and no one would notice. Really, who would say afterward, “Hey Bob! They didn’t say a single curse word. I want my money back!” No one, I doubt would even notice.


    • I have never seen a Zombie movie, but I used the trailer because so many recognize the title. I like pure movies, Hallmark type of the Uplifting Channel . Thanks for letting me know your feelings

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  2. I think the problem for me is when sex, subversion (mainly on the female protagonist), violence and grotesque are the main themes of what otherwise is often just a lame story. That’s probably why it had to divert to using very crude advertising such as sex and violence.
    On the subject of Zombie movies – there are some great classics, which in my mind covered it all.
    ’28 Days Later’ is a 2002 British post-apocalyptic horror film directed by Danny Boyle, scary but also with a lot of substance and questions of humanity.


    • I think you make a great point. a other wise common movie with added sex, makes more dollars. I have never been into Zombie movies, but I know a lot are. I love your comment and hope to see your comment on my next posting of Home Skillet

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  3. Terry – You pose a good question(s). I didn’t read Fifty Shades of Grey and I won’t be going to the movies although many of my friends read all the books and raved about them. The interesting thing was they never ever read anything I consider sexy.
    I’m of the opinion sex sells and that’s why we see so much of it on prime time television. I’ll accept a sex scene before I’ll accept foul language. I can always close my eyes but I can’t close my ears. I also pull the plug on violence. There’s enough of it without me watching it as entertainment!


    • You make a good point. You can close your eyes. Sex does sell or we wouldn’t keep seeing more shows and movies with sexual scenes. It is sad, what happened to wholesome movies? I still watch Hallmark station


  4. I guess it depends what the film is, obviously swearing has no place in kids film or family films but if the film has adult themes then the chances are it will have swearing in and would be totally unrealistic to not have it. I am sorry you can say you don’t swear but I pretty much guarantee during a Zombie apocalypse when they are after eating your brains you might just find yourself swearing lol


    • I don’t swear on a daily basis, now if I am pissed to the max or stressed out you can hear a swear word fly out of my mouth. Seeing people eating brains I would go the other direction. Not be sick or swear but try to figure out what damages are being done to that brain. I guess too much medical work in my system. lol


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