Tomorrow is Sunday. A day of rest for some, a day to worship, sing and gather together. Some will sleep in. Others will wish to go to a church but may be afraid.

Some are home attending to loved ones with terrible illnesses. Some may be catching up on housework or running errands.  It is not my place to say you should or not go to church. I am not able to judge as I am not God. I have gone to church since I have moved down here but still haven’t found the one that I feel is a good fit for me.

Because it is Sunday tomorrow, I will share one of my most favorite hymns with all of you.

gospel miracles



I thank you Lord

That you forgive me of my sins

For I have many, too many to count

I don’t deserve your love

And how you over look me is a wonder

I thank you Lord that I woke up this morning

I thank you that I was able to see, smell and make decisions

I thank you for giving me one more chance to help others

I want to be a blessing to someone who needs me Lord

Guide me and help any others who are feeling lost

Down, stricken in health, suffering in poverty

Lacking work, help the broken families

Call the suffering children to your bosom

I praise your name dear Lord

For I don’t deserve your splendor

Your love and your forgiveness.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd