Dedicated to Those Who Are Fighting or Have Fought

This is a post to those who are suffering. You may ask why would I write about something so depressing? I am a friend to many who suffer with Ataxia or Multiple System Atrophy. I lend an ear, or offer suggestions.

I have been a caregiver for so many years, I don’t know the exact number anymore. I took care of my father who died from Leukemia and Multiple Myeloma. I took care of my brother who suffered terribly from;



This morning is what prompted me to write this. My heart is breaking as one of my dear friends is losing some of her strength. She is a fighter and some how in my mind I can’t fathom life without her.

I don’t want to see the realities of what life will bring to us. I know, it is not new news that we all must go. Not only does the Bible say we shall return to dust, but we don’t live forever here on earth. I know we are on borrowed time the moment we breathe our first breath.

I want to pick-up a magic wand and twirl it around my friend and anyone close to me and make everything alright again, but I can’t. It is hard to live in this world in the beginning. We rely heavily on friends and family to make each day brighter.

So in finalizing this post, I want to say keep fighting, chin up, smile bigger for as long as you can. I want each of you to feel my arms around you emotionally giving you a big hug.



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