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If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.

I know you are going to think I am crazy when I write this post, but I am a crazy gal. I like the word, FAMILY. Family to me represents the good up-bringing I had. The sitting down at the table together as a family; holding hands and one of us kids saying grace.

The routine of baths after dinner, homework and if we got finished in time we were allowed to watch TV with mom and dad. Bedtime came at the same moment Monday through Friday, and an hour later on weekends.

We had a routine. We always knew we could depend on our parents. We knew the rules of going to school and what our chores were on the weekends. Family, a strong unit, somewhat broken from technology of cell phones and computers.

Maybe this wouldn’t have happened if there were guidelines as there were when we were bring raised. Perhaps time limits on cell phone use and computer time. Not only do the kids today not go anywhere without their cell phones, most of them have computer technology on the phones.

I can’t begin to count the number of times I have entered a public establishment and notice zero smiles. I don’t see people looking up at me and with a nod of the head acknowledging my presence.

Kids, parents, adults, elderly, almost everyone has updated with the times. What happened though? The term, family, the eating, praying, talking together, the guidelines, chores, what happened to family? Without our even realizing it, we ever so quietly traded good habits into a phrase of it’s all about me.

This is sad, more young girls pregnant, elderly respect has been lost to the seas. Looking out for our neighbors has slipped right past us. Maybe it is the era I was brought up in. So for this prompt, I would undo the technology of cell phones and computers, if even for one day. Stand up and take notice. Drink that coffee with a  smile. Go outside and smell those flowers. Wave and say hello to your neighbor, just for one day.


Home Skillet

Today is not really a problem solver. Instead it is a day brightner, hopefully, to take away the dreaded days of winter.

The only question you have to give, if you choose to, is do you prefer big, bang-out marriage proposals, or private settings?




Let’s face it, some people are just better at popping the question than others. And after covering awesome proposals for a while now, we have to admit, today’s story might take the wedding cake. Although it comes to us from a couple in freezing Chicago, this one will warm your heart. Rodney brought his girlfriend, Alexa, to see the lights festival at the Lincoln Park Zoo and presented her with a Christmas gift. A flipbook. But not just any flipbook. This was made especially for the proposal, and it features a quick story of a couple at a park in Chicago with a dog. The dog goes to fetch a ball and comes back with a ring box instead. The last few pages of the flipbook feature an engagement ring inside the drawn box. Rodney then reaches into his pocket and pulls out the real ring with the question, “Will you marry me?


Andy Griffith

I was watching a TV program this morning. It is an oldie, but I love those old shows. Andy Griffith. I always enjoy staring at Andy as he looks so much like my dad did at that age. Tall, slender, same blue eyes, and their hair cuts were identical with the same waves.

The plot in this series was being needed. Do you feel like you need to be needed, or do you feel quite content being on your own and your own boss? Is there a difference between being happy with life and having that feeling of being needed to feel good about yourself?

On the show, Aunt Bee had to go away for a bit to be with a family member. Andy and little Ron Howard had worked hard to get the house cleaned up before she returned. Opie, Ron Howard, made a comment that triggered thoughts with Andy.

How would Aunt Bee feel when she came home and saw a clean and tidy home? Would she still feel needed? The two  hurried and messed everything up. In the end Aunt Bee was glad to see the boys couldn’t make it without her and all was well.

It reminded me a bit of myself the past couple of days. I stayed with my daughter during the blizzard. While I was there, I loved the company but I felt useless. I need to feel like I am providing a part of myself to others. I enjoy being a caregiver to elderly. It gives me a purpose. I love the feeling of being useful.

Purpose, not a very important word until I use a sentence where it pertains to me. I need a purpose. I don’t want to exist, doing nothing. I have to feel needed. If I went back in time and figured out the reason I need to be feel needed, it would be a whole other post.

All I know is this is me, Terry, and I can’t change it, nor do I believe I should change what God has given to me as my gift, helping others. So in the end after reading this post, how do you feel about being needed?