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“Think global, act local.” Write a post connecting a global issue to a personal one.

A number of countries and companies have long been worried that the costs of tackling climate change (prevention, mitigation, adaptation, etc) will be prohibitive and would rather deal with the consequences. They often assume (or hope) the consequences will not be as bad as scientists are predicting.

Climate change problems also affect people’s health directly, as well as impacting the environment. For example, fossil fuels used by cars in heavily congested areas lead to additional pollutants harmful to human health. Tackling climate change by limiting fossil fuel use and investing heavily in alternatives has the additional benefit of improving health, and even possibly reducing traffic congestion. This is the view of some major reports recently released.

Eighty percent of the forests that originally covered the earth have been cleared, fragmented, or otherwise degraded.

The world’s forests and oceans are natural regulators of carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere — which is a greenhouse gas. While forests are regarded as sinks, meaning they absord carbon dioxide, it is hard to rely on forests to soak up increasing pollution, while forests are increasingly being cut down!

Water is life and without water there is very little and in most cases no life at all. When you talk about lack of water in developing countries, most times people think about lack of water for domestic purposes besides drinking but the problem is worse in some developing countries. In some poor countries around the world, people walk several miles a day just to get a cup of water to quench their thirst and the saddest part is that, children and those who cannot walk such long distances often suffer and die from severe dehydration.

“While many liberal politicians are trying to pass legislation to prevent further global warming, they are facing harsh criticisms from the conservative media. Many Fox News personalities as well as radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh and several conservative internet blogs have claimed that the recent north east snow storm is proof that global warming is a myth. Global warming is a term that many suggest was made popular by former Vice President Al Gore. In 2006 David Guggenheim directed a film titled “Inconvenient Truth” which was a informative film about Al Gore’s message of man’s responsibility for global warming. Many advocates say that the proper term would be “climate change”.

Global warming suggests that through man made pollution, we are damaging the planet’s ozone layer, increasing the sun’s affect on planet earth. Global warming has many supporters, including thousands of scientists who claim to have proven that the issue is real and should not be ignored. Recent studies have shown that the temperatures of 2009 were among the top warmest temperatures since satellites started keeping records. A similar study also suggested that the previous decade, 2000-2009, was the warmest decade in almost 2000 years. Global warming supporters believe that there are several ways to reduce the threat of climate change. These methods include transitioning our main energy sources from coal and other fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources such as solar power, wind power, hydropower, biomass energy and geothermal energy just to name a few.

Well, what do you think? Do you think cutting down our forests and building for power and money are hurting us on a personal level or is this all due to progression of countries?

9 thoughts on “Think Global/ The Daily Post

  1. Let me get my professional thoughts together. LOL Personally, I think it is all about the money. Does this winter storm hitting the country look like global warming? Looks like global cooling to me. I believe God is in control of warming and cooling. Yes, too many trees are being cut…take the rainforest history for instance. The ocean is full of plants, and trees. 😛 We seem to be a world believing that building ,building ,everywhere is of the greatest importance. (Think Tower of Babel) I disagree with all the building. Then they go and leave good buildings abandoned. In all the building and taking away from the land, people and their basic needs are often forgotten. It bothers me that animals are always lying dead in streets or on side roads because their homes have been invaded by people building. One day on my way home, I saw a dead deer right in front of the graveyard laying on a main road here. There are lots of deer out in my area, but soon, they will be ran off, if people keep cutting down trees and throwing in bad roads out here in the country.
    It is confusing to the animals. Not to mention people having wrecks when trying to dodge squirrels, rabbits, and dogs. These animals have a pattern of transporting themselves on their own paths. Bop! a building and they end up finding another path. I did a study in my neighborhood. I know where to look for deer when driving so I don’t get hit by one. Ok. is that good enough dear? I suppose that is my response.

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    • The way I was brought up in church which was brethren is God has nothing to do with our weather ever since he promised the rains for 40 days and nights. The pollution that is taking over by modern cars, more traffic, garbage etc. weakens the ozone layers causing weather havoc. This is what I tend to believe. We do get natural oxygen from the forests which is why God placed so many on earth. We need the trees to help clean the air. The more building, the more torn down, the less clean. I agree with good buildings sitting while new ones are erected. I hope I don’t offend you in any way. This is what I was taught. Hugs And you are so right when you say it is all about the money, but the other issues that add to it are lack of birth control, bigger families, living longer lives, drugs, cigarettes, factories that were not here in biblical times. I believe God made life too simple for the years we live in now. We were to live, love, spread his word, and repopulate, and that would be done in a biblical way also, not by teen pregnancies where millions of unwanted children are born. We have disappointed our God by the love of money instead of the love of God. Now I will shut up !! LOL, hugs

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      • No offense dear. In our town and several that I’m familiar with…they will close down a perfectly good area with good buildings and then build further out on old farmland, pine trees farms, cotton farms, etc and throw up some shopping center. Around here they just move from building to building leaving great areas abandon. What gets me is that no one is concerned about living areas for the homeless and hungry with so many abandoned buildings. We sure are a country of following the money. 😛
        I agree with the pollution part is us. We tend to forget simplicity in what it takes to live. The reason I believe He is in control comes from me reading Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Revelation. I still love you anyway. 😛

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  2. I believe God is in control of everything. I just don’t believe he controls our weather. We control our weather. He had it all perfect, humans messed it up. I m in total agreement about leaving those buildings and building new out in the country. I believe the beauty of the trees and bigger land may draw business, but then again, that becomes a money issue. We don’t need more stuff. We need to be on our knees thanking God for what he has given us thus far. Hugs


    • I don’t have that app on my phone. Can you give me an idea of what it says? I understand about Facebook. I use it for helping patients and families with the illness my brother had


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