Me, Myself and I

Tuesday morning. I have been out of the house once for this past seven days. I am going stir-crazy. I have chatted online, talked to my friends on the phone. I have cooked up pots of soup, broken a heart, and now I can’t think of anything new to do; unless it is cleaning and I don’t feel like doing that.

I decided to visit my own beauty shop here in my bathroom. A shower, clean clothes, some goop for my hair, a hair dryer, comb and brush and make-up. I feel a little more perky now, but when I look back at my new look, I hesitate to the thoughts of; does this make me look my real age? Maybe I should stick with the old look.

Now the voting begins. Which photo do you choose as the better look; the old me, or the new me today? Don’t be afraid to be honest. Honesty is what I am looking for. Remember, we are always our own worst critics.

me, nov 14This is the old me


Feb 24The new me.