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There are a lot of popular shows on TV, that are talk shows. All sorts of topics are discussed such as; depression, movie stars, drug abuse, sex abuse. It doesn’t matter what time or what station, you can usually find one of these shows.

What draws the audience to them? Curiosity, maybe a subject close to home? What about the topic of mental therapy? Is there a therapist that sits behind a desk holding his pad and pen and writing down everything you say; for what ever topic?

When my mother was alive, she used to throw a fit at shows that were on the boob tube back then. I think Sally Rafael and Phil Donahue. She would always say the same thing. “People just don’t want to face the fact they made a mistake. They and the courts want to blame their problems on someone else or mental illness or being unstable”.

What do you think? Are there excuses being made for people who don’t want to stand up and take responsibility for their own actions? Are there times when going to a therapist can actually be helpful?

Give me your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Home Skillet

  1. Counseling in general can be helpful but in the end it’s between the individual and God whether or not he/she is going to change whatever behavior is being looked at for change. That’s just a general comment on counseling! Have a great weekend Terry.


  2. I’ll have to agree with your mother’s comment. What I’ve never understood is why go on TV to display for the world to see, but they can’t face the issues they are experiencing with the person or persons they have issues with. I agree with Brian, between them and God, and might I add the other people that are involved.


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