Photo Day

I went out today. Partly because I needed to get out of here and partly because there is bad weather coming; including rain, sleet and more snow.

I took photos, which I love to do. The food plate you will see is where I ate at a Chinese Restaurant. The old Feed Mill is not far from my house. The little grocery store is where I buy fresh, local grown meat. The red house I have heard different things about, so not real sure; but I love it because it is Victorian. I would love to see the inside of it. The guy on the fork lift is someone I caught eye of on my way home.

red housered house 2red house 3red house 4red house 5


My Dream

My Dream

I dreamed of you last night

A place we’d never been

You were lying next to me

The lights were turned down dim.


I saw you looking at me

I saw desire in your eyes

I felt my body’s desire

There was no asking why.


I felt your kiss so deep

I loved your warm soft hands

I heard music from afar

Playing music from big bands.


I heard my breathing expand

As I guided your hand in me

I felt our bodies rise

Being swept in the love of seas.


When it was over our breathing slowed

Then I opened my eyes and saw

It was not a dream at all

It was you love, answering my call.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



dream 2