Photo Day

I went out today. Partly because I needed to get out of here and partly because there is bad weather coming; including rain, sleet and more snow.

I took photos, which I love to do. The food plate you will see is where I ate at a Chinese Restaurant. The old Feed Mill is not far from my house. The little grocery store is where I buy fresh, local grown meat. The red house I have heard different things about, so not real sure; but I love it because it is Victorian. I would love to see the inside of it. The guy on the fork lift is someone I caught eye of on my way home.

red housered house 2red house 3red house 4red house 5



9 thoughts on “Photo Day

  1. looks like a good day…we are hearing snow for Thursday…winter is evidently not over!…I would enjoy your lunch…looks good!… you could always ask to see their red house…I’ve been known to do that…They usually feel it’s a compliment!


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