When You Hear the Word, Terminal




The last thing anyone wants to hear in their life is they are sick. Worse than that is hearing the simple; but complicated word, terminal.
People go through good and bad times in life but manage to pull out of it and move on. When a person hears their life will not get better, the roller coaster ride begins.
Fear is the first feeling people have in common. Anger comes next. Thoughts may include why me or what did I do to deserve this?
Tears will follow with some screaming at God to help them. Once the words of the illness sink into the brain, a new change appears. Patients want to fix the problem. Many will talk to their family and friends. Tracking down doctors and getting second opinions. Suddenly we are thrown into dealing with the physical part of the illness, the full-time job, doctors visits.
Patients constantly discuss with loved ones options they are offered. Together a plan is set in motion and the patient sets these goals as a high priority.
Although they have heard there is no cure, most patients do not give up hope. Some may turn to their God. They may return to church or start reading their Bible.
As the time passes, patients go through various mood changes. Patients can become depressed as they see their independence slipping away. It is important to have everything right in their lives; just in case their hope is taken away and the battle was lost.

Do you have a story that you remember too well? Would you like to share with me?


6 thoughts on “When You Hear the Word, Terminal

  1. Dear Terry The word Terminal as you know comes as a devastating blow to the ill and the sick.I am not afraid of death . I am afraid that i will never see my loved ones again and wont be there for them anymore .I do not think for one minute that life wont go on without me.I have promised my beautiful wife Marilyn that no matter what iwill always watch over her,and my wonderful children,grandchildren and my first greatgrandchild,over whom when alone i cry many tears because i will not be there to watch and help this unbeleivable little boy grow up,because of this word Terminal.Ido know what is coming for me.Soon i will be unable to speak properly eat or swallow.I need to be helped to wash dress and undress and to be helped to the toilet.Most of my time is spent in my bed or wheelchair .The work my wonderful Marilyn does for me is beyond belief,she will not stop and nurses me better than anyone else could ever do.I am fighting this Terminal alien thing inside me with all my failing strength and with all the love i have for my family,just as Al loved you TERRY.The hardest part for me is having to watch, the hurt and pain in my wife and families eyes as they try so hardto save me knowing deep down there is nothing they or anyone else can do to stop this Terminal thing getting me.My love for them will be everlasting,until the end of time itself.There are people everywhere worse of than me Murdered and tortured by the ones that are supposed to love them. People destroyed because their skin is a different colour or they speak a different language,or because they believe in a different GOD.Surely if there was a god at all all the children would not be suffering like they do as he would protect them or save them All this suffering in the world should not be happening.The evil in this world is Terminal .Terry i hope to be able to write again.May your God go with you and love you and keep you safe.Our hearts and love are always with you,and be sure Al is always in my thoughts,


    • It is wonderful to hear from you. I often think if Al thought your thoughts as he was no longer able to speak. I would give anything to meet you and your wife or in some way be of help to you. I’m not as afraid of dying near as much as leaving my kids behind also. Please let me know if I can be of some help to you. Big hugs


    • You and I should not have a blog of stories on the word terminal, but unfortunately we do. Life is not always full of laughter, sometimes it is too real. Thanks for your comment Marcy


  2. although i agree that many go through these stages, it has not played out that way for me. i have had a great life and if this is the end then so be it. i love my life and even love the new journey i am on. i’ve never felt like “why me?” more of why not me? i started watching young men die at a very young age and believe that has given me a different outlook on life. there is no one to be angry with as this is either my path or destiny. life is random and i’ve been happy to live my life with that knowledge.

    i studied under the psychologist that co-authored the book by kubler-ross on death and dying. she told me that over time she and kr didn’t believe their theory was so hard wired as they originally thought.

    anyway my story ends with my death, my family knows how i feel and it is my belief they will have peace at the end of my time here.


    • This is one of the reasons I think so highly of you; your strength. I have worked in the past 25 years with dying patients and although I often heard, why me, I always said the same thing. It is not why you, but God has a wonderful plan for you and he needs you. Love and hugs my friend


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