Old Photos

dadMy dad when he was a kid. Our family. Dad in the cornfield when he was young.

dad 2Dad in the far left photo. Al and me, Dad and my 2 boys, and me as a teen.

dad 3Me in elementary, Al grown.

dad 45 generation photo. My dad, his mom, my daughter and her daughters, and me

dad 6Al when he was young.

dad 7My mother’s mother in top left. Our parents in younger days. Left, me on graduation day. Middle, Two of my kids. Our half-sister. Bottom left, our grandparents on dad’s side. Middle bottom, our grandparents on mom’s side. Bottom right, Al.

dad 9My daughter and two sons at various ages

dad 5Our mom’s mom. She is still living and I believe she was 97 in January

dad 8The first photo I took five years ago

I was doing some special cleaning up and found these photos. I wanted to share them with you.

9 thoughts on “Old Photos

    • Thanks Julie, I was doing the cleaning that isn’t done weekly and came across them. I didn’t cry, instead I smiled and my heart ached as usual, but I just loved sharing with you


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