I Tried, But Now I Need Your Prayers

I have Parkinson’s. My gait or stability is a little off. With my health insurance I have a free membership to a gym. I decided last week to stop sitting here and go there and use the treadmill.

I started out slow. I believed I walked a quarter-mile in fifteen minutes the first day. The third day I went I added five minutes and sped it up two numbers. I walked a half-hour. I didn’t have any real pain. I did notice a slight burning on my diabetic neuropathy feet.

Today was my fourth day. I stayed at the same speed but walked 27 minutes, walking almost an hour. I saw my heart rate going up but I wasn’t worried. I knew what my maximum heart rate could be.

When I was finished I had to go get some groceries. I had a list and it didn’t take me long at all. When I came home and emptied the sacks my one foot started hurting. It wasn’t like anything I have experienced before.

I kept my shoes on telling myself that it was just because I was walking and it is common to feel the burning of my feet. The next thing I knew between my big toe and the toe next to it, I got a  huge pain.

A pain like someone had stabbed my foot. I caught my breath as it hurt and burned and felt numb at the same time. I finally got up and fixed supper almost crying and then when I finished eating I couldn’t take anymore. I took my shoes and socks off.

I looked at my feet and they were beat red but then again, that isn’t unusual either. The only time they aren’t red is when I am in bed or sitting. The nerves in my feet are damaged and it always feels like I have no bottom foot padding.

Now all I can feel are bones, it seems. I did wear my diabetic shoes on the treadmill, changing them out with another pair of shoes from N/B which have great soles. Still I am wondering, should I go on and hope that in time the pain will stop; or if I go on will I damage my feet more than they are?

Since gathering together in numbers helps with prayers, I ask for prayers for my feet to heal or at least go back to where they were before I started the treadmill, and to quit hurting.