Prayers Helped

If you read my post from yesterday, you will realize the extreme pain I was in from using a treadmill. After talking to you and people in a neuropathy group on Facebook, I quickly learned I need healing on my feet and also I would have to give up the treadmill.

Even with the best shoes, diabetic neuropathy still makes it presence known. I suffered from the pain all evening and finally this morning the stabbing pain was gone, with only some sensitivity left behind.

Your prayers worked. I was able to walk with very little pain. I went back to the gym, looked at the treadmill and walked on by through the doors to the warm water pool. I stayed in there for 45 minutes. I did some swimming. I exercised my arms and legs.

After my mild workout I was able to get out of the pool and still be able to walk. Now that I am home and showered I still feel no great pain. I would say that the pool is where I belong.

I am disappointed as I feel I won’t get the benefit from the pool on my gait and weight loss, but the pain I didn’t occur was worth it. I hope I did something to help myself in walking today. Thanks to all who said the prayers for me.

pool 2


24 thoughts on “Prayers Helped

  1. Stay with the pool! You can lose weight and get benefit from it. Just keep going. I’ve been swimming for two years at the local pool and I absolutely love it! I’ll say a prayer for you that the pool continues to ease your pain and give you good physical health.


  2. Terry, I am so sorry about the neuropathy and think you’re doind the right thing with the swimming pool. Sometimes water is the only thing that will relieve the pain…take care of yourself. I will be thinking of you, my friend.


  3. Terry, I’m so glad you’re feeling better. I can also promise you that if you can work up to doing laps in the pool, it will work your entire body. You can lose weight and strengthen your core. Swimming is an excellent exercise for people who can’t do weight-bearing work.

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